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Oct 3, 2015 - LAST MONTHS CLUB MEETING. Breakthru' started the evening with some Shadows and Cliff numbers before opening the floor up for ...
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LAST MONTHS CLUB MEETING Breakthru' started the evening with some Shadows and Cliff numbers before opening the floor up for members to play with either Breakthru' backing them or to backing tracks.

THE PLAYERS Steve J – Dance On, Theme for Young Lovers Don Crisp – The Savage, Shindig Terry Coleman – Atlantis, Rounding the Cape Ian S (with Don on Rhythm) – The Stranger, Geronimo Bob Withrington – Blue Star, The Breeze and I Alan Tarrant – Arabian Sunset, Alone John Cade – Sealed with a Kiss, Dark Island THE FRENCH CONNECTION We are delighted to announce that The French Connection will be representing The Surrey Shadows Club at Ch'tishad 2015 in Fleurbaix on Saturday 3rd October 2015. Our newly formed band for this event comprises – Roy Haines (Lead/Rhythm), – Bob Withrington (Bass), – John Cade (Lead/Rhythm) – and Mark Winter (Drums) (Steve Deeds stood in for Roy Haines at this meeting), At our last meeting they demonstrated a couple of tunes that they will be playing at the event in France - Diamonds, Santa Anna Robin Surridge – Chattanooga Choo Choo, Genie with the Light Brown Lamp Steve Reynolds (From Essex) – Kon Tiki, Riders in The Sky Stuart Osbourne – Gonzales, To Tired to Rock and Roll (Eddie Cochran) THE ROCK AND ROLL SECTION Barry Gibson (Lead), Ken Emerson (Bass), Don Crisp (Vocals & Rhythm) and Mark Winter (Drums), when Barry had to move his car Bob took over Bass and Ken took over lead – Thats All Right Mamma, A Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On, Johnny Be Good, Little Sister

Tony Dobson – Guess it Doesn't Matter any More, Well Alright Steve J Surrey Shadows Club

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Newsletter June 2015

PHOTOS FROM LAST MONTH The French Connection Steve Deeds (standing in for Roy Haines), Mark Winter, Bob Withrington & John Cade

The Rock & Roll Section Ken Emerson, Mark Winter, Don Crisp & Barry Gibson

SHOTGUN Ltd at our 20th November Meeting Our twinned club Shadowmaniacs France will be making a welcome return visit to the Surrey Shadows Club at our 20th November meeting. The party of nine will, of course, include our good friends SHOTGUN Ltd who I had the pleasure of seeing put on a fantastic show at the recent “Back to The Sixties” show in Gent, Belgium. Bob

From left to right: Henri, Alain, Michel, Patrick and Guy Surrey Shadows Club

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Newsletter June 2015

See you next month.......

Surrey Shadows Club

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Newsletter June 2015