Our August club night - SHADOWMANIACS

ZOOM G7.1ut EFFECTS BOARD/PEDAL with HANK MARVIN/SHADOWS SOUND PATCHES! Zoom make exceedingly good pedal boards and this one has ...
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Our August club night

The house band Breakthru' opened up the evening as usual, we also saw them play last Wednesday at a nearby Club in Molesey where they had a chance to play a few non Shadows hits and explore some different sounds. I was first up to get it over and done with, not too good for me as I did not have much pratice and am only just getting full feeling back into my fingers. The Players Steve J – Apache, Wonderful Land Tony Knight – Foot Tapper, Cavatina (Theme from The Deer Hunter) Mike Norris – Theme from Shane, Mustang Bob Withrington – Rounding the Cape, Return to the Alamo John Cade – Shindig, Mountains of the Moon Alan Tarrant – Atlantis, Theme for Young Lovers Keith Humphries (visiting from South Africe) - The Savage, Peace Pipe John Bell – Cosy, Shadoogie (with Mark Winter on Drums) J. J. (visiting from USA) – Carolina on my Mind, Start the day Early Eugene McGuigan - Peace Pipe, Wonderful Land Robin Surridge with Jim on Rhythm – Lost City, Its a Mans World Stuart Osborne – Man of Mystery, Frightened City Gareth Morgan – Spring is nearly Here, Frightened City The Rock and Roll Section This featured Mark Winter on Drums, Alan Tarrant on Lead/Rhythm, Stuart Osborne on Lead/Vocals, Jim on Rhythm, Bob Withrington on Bass and Bob Dore on Keyboards – They played a selection of tunes including No Way to Go, Great Balls of Fire and Its Alright Mama. Barry Gibson took over Lead with Keith West on Vocals for Wicked Game, Folson Prison Blues and Little Sister. Breakthru' opened the second half before the players came back for another round, playing one tune each due to time pressing on. Left – Keith Humphries (visiting from South Africe) Surrey Shadows Club

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Newsletter Sept 2015

FOOT TAPPER will be appearing at our 18th Dec Meeting We had the pleasure of meeting Foot Tapper at last year’s Ch’tishad event in France and invited them to pay a visit to The Surrey Shadows Club, which they have generously accepted to be with us at our 18th December meeting. Their leader & lead guitarist – Jacques Godot has kindly written the following short introduction for our Newsletter. “Our Shadows Tribute band Foot Tapper was formed in 1992 based in Nancy, North East France. Our four band members have each played Shadows music for a very long time. Left to right: Magico Rico drums, Jacques Godot lead guitar, Albert Fabbro bass guitar Claude Jacques rhythm guitar “Some of us have participated in festivals around France including Grenoble-Vif (The Shadows), Calais (Rock Across the Channel), Lille-Fleurbaix (Ch'tishad). For several years, Foot Tapper have shared close ties with Shadowmaniacs France and indeed Michel Hénaux and Marcel Dumont will be joining us on our trip. On the eve of Christmas, Foot Tapper will have fulfilled a dream of coming to England. Thank you to Bob Withrington, Bruce Heyden and all members of their beautiful association for the invitation to The Surrey Shadows Club”.

At Badonviller on 27 June 2015 See You next Month Surrey Shadows Club

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Newsletter Sept 2015

FOR SALE FENDER SPECIAL EDITION '50'S STRATOCASTER MN FIESTA RED (HANK MARVIN COLOUR) I have far too many guitars (my wife says!) so I’m reducing my collection. This is one that I’ll be sad to see go, being a Shadows fan, but it’s either that or move to a bigger house! It has no dings or scratches, no fret wear, and plays and sounds really good. It’s nicely set up and stays in tune well. It comes with a Brandom custom thick padded gig bag. I’ve also fitted a Hank Marvin type staggered tremolo arm (I can put the original back if you prefer, but the Hank one is better!)

Fender Special Edition 50's Stratocaster

Headstock (numbered)

£425 Contact Tony on [email protected] ZOOM G7.1ut EFFECTS BOARD/PEDAL with HANK MARVIN/SHADOWS SOUND PATCHES! Zoom make exceedingly good pedal boards and this one has loads of preset patches, loads of user patches and a valve to make a nice warm "analogue" type sound. It also has the custom Shadows patches already installed for Shadows fans Here's what Ultimate Guitar say about it: With Zoom's 32-bit ZFX-3 chip, the G7.1ut guarantees outstanding performance, world's fastest patch changes, and smooth and detailed processing.

Close up of display Pedal board & PSU

The Patches Manual

£99 Contact Tony on [email protected] Surrey Shadows Club

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Newsletter Sept 2015