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Sep 11, 2017 - Eliott Wants to Dance. Stand Alone Titles. Eliott Goes Shopping ..... to manipulate them all to take the power. After a dramatic wedding held in.
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Books For Toddlers

0-3 year olds

Books For Toddlers My Very First Books

By Mathilde BRÉCHET Ill. by Camille CHINCHOLLE

Little Scamp • 6 titles • 12 pages with flaps 170 x 170 mm • 8 months + • 9,90€

Over 18,000 copies sold since June 2017!

A new series offering parents and children a fun and interactive way to read!

Bath Time, Little Scamp!


Playful texts addressing directly to the child and allowing him to play his part as he lifts the flaps and turns the page. To be published in February 2018:

Hello, Little Scamp!

Bedtime, Little Scamp!

I Love You, Little Scamp!

Time to Eat, Little Scamp!

Have Fun, Little Scamp!

My First Little Suitcase

What Are You Dreaming?

H A lovely set with a small suitcase holding a boardbook and 9 very light and yet strong cubes H Perfect for little fingers to stack them up or have fun arranging the blocks to discover six images H A handle to carry the suitcase around everywhere you go and scratches to open and close it easily

The big book with flaps of eccentric dreams. "What are you dreaming little kitty? I’d like to swim among the fishes. And what about you little snail? I would like to fly like a bird…" Everything is possible in dreams! A cheerful atmosphere to share, laugh and dream with the little ones. A beautiful cloud shaped book with lively colors and playful flaps hiding surprises.

By Mathilde BRÉCHET, ill. by Camille CHINCHOLLE 2 suitcases • Suitcase + cubes + a boardbook • 14 pages 170 x 163 x 63 mm • 14,90€

Climbing Critters!

By Steffie BROCOLI 10 pages • 250 x 250 mm • 18 months+ • 13,90€

Books For Toddlers

H Simple and comforting stories from playtime to bedtime H Soft flocking to touch and a big flap to unfold on each double spread H A lovely format with rounded corners describing daily life and tender moments

Books For Toddlers

0-3 year olds

The Little Books of Emotions

By Marion BILLET 6 titles • 12 pages • 123 x 138 mm • 18 months to 3 years old • 6,50€ Gr, It

4 chunky board books to learn to recognize and share about emotions! In each volume, children will meet with an original gang of friends they can easily identify with. Each story introduces a different emotion: anger, fear, pride, joy, jealousy... Easy to handle, these thick and sturdy board books can stand up and decorate the bedroom. To be published in February 2018:

Books For Toddlers

2 Little Zebra Is Jealous

Little Gazelle Is Scared

Little Rhino Is Proud

Little Panther Is Excited

Little Lion Is Angry

Little Croco Is Happy

When I Was In Your Womb

By Sophie FURLAUD et Samir SENOUSSI, ill. by Vincent BOURGEAU Diameter: 190 mm • 8 double-spreads • 3+ • 9,90€ • May 2018

In a round format, the perfect book to discuss with a future big sister or big brother about the life of a baby before birth, and an ideal birth gift. The tender, naive and funny questions are those asked by children of 3 to 5 during a philosophy workshop organized by one of the authors.


Music & Sound Books

1-3 year olds

Music & Sound Books My Little Sound Books

Ill. by Marion BILLET or Elsa FOUQUIER* Cat, ChiC, Cz, Du, Eng (UK+US), Fi, Frisian, Ger, Gr, Heb, It, No, Sp, Sw

27 titles • 12 pages • 150 x 150 mm • 6 sounds 18 months to 3 years old • 10€

Five new titles in this beloved and worldwide bestselling series! More than 6,2 million copies sold in 15 languages. Rock’n’roll Baby!*

La montagne

Mes musiques du cirque !



Mes petits imagiers sonores

In the Mountains

Mes petits imagiers sonores

Circus Music

The Carnival of the Animals

Jazz Lullabies*

Music by Camille Saint-Saëns

Large Format with Flaps

Ill. by Marion BILLET 3 titles • 14 pages with 6 flaps • 215 x 215 mm 7 sounds • 12 months • 14,90€ Cat, Du, It, No, Sp

Is Father Christmas hidden behind that tree? Has his reindeer-drawn sleigh left these marks?

Where is Father Christmas?

Cette foi les trace

s, on dir

s d’un

ait bien



Lift the flaps to find Father Christmas and press the chips to listen to the sounds!


Music & Sound Books

To be published in Spring 2018:

Music & Sound Books Paco

1-3 year olds

Ill. by Magali LE HUCHE Basq, Cat, ChiC, Du, Eng (W), Fi, Ger, Gr, Heb, It, Kr, No, Sp, Srb, Sw

8 titles • 24 pages • 178 x 203 mm • 11 to 16 sounds • 3+ • 13,50€

After London, New Orleans and Venice, Paco and his friends travel again to learn new instruments and musical styles! This time, he accompanies a friend to Africa and gets lost during a guided backstage tour at Paris Opera. Over 490,000 copies sold worldwide in 16 languages.

Music & Sound Books


Paco at the Opera

Paco and African Music

Sound Tales

3 titles • 24 pages • 178 x 203 mm 15 to 16 sounds • 3+ • 13,50€

Three famous tales humorously illustrated to beware of the Big Bad Wolf! 15 to 16 sounds to laugh and shudder along reading.

Ill. by Olivier TALLEC

The Three Little Pigs

Ill. by Marc BOUTAVANT, Music by PROKOFIEV

Ill. by Ronan BADEL

Peter and the Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood

2-5 year olds




By Vincent CUVELLIER, Ill. by Ronan BADEL

Émile’s Words

Discover Émile's words from A to Z with this comical miscellany full of surprising words: bacon, train, koala, question, salami, swimming pool, oddball, crouton… but also atrabilary because he has no idea what does that mean and because sometimes he is a bit like that, Émile…

Eliott By Françoise de GUIBERT, Ill. by Olivier LATYK

64 pages • 170 x 200 mm • 3+ • 10€

Picture Books • 10 titles

20 pages • 5 flaps • 182 x 205 mm • 2+ • 9,90€

2 new titles to be published in April 2018: • Eliott at the Swimming Pool • Eliott Wants to Dance

Stand Alone Titles Eliott’s School 14 pages + flaps • 255 x 315 mm 2+ • 15,90€


By Bénédicte GUETTIER

Trotro and Zaza • 4 titles • 24 pages

160 x 160 mm • 1+ • 5,50€

Follow the adventures of Trotro and his little sister Zaza. With untearable paper and padded cover, a chunky little series specially made for little hands!

Eliott Picture Dictionary 44 pages • 220 x 220 mm 2+ • 11,50€

Eliott Goes Shopping

Trotro & Zaza at School

14 pages + flaps • 250 x 220 mm 2+ • 14,90€


By Anne GUTMAN, Ill. by Georg HALLENSLEBEN 17 titles Pénélope Goes To School

It's time to go to school! Pénélope, the young and mischievous blue koala, prepares her schoolbag. A pillow, a sponge, a ball, do you think she should bring all this at school? Open the book and find out! 28 pages • 195 x 195 mm • 3+ • 6,50€

Trotro & Zaza Are Sleeping

Trotro & Zaza Trotro & Zaza Take Their Bath on the Potty

To be published in January 2018: • Trotro and Zaza Get Dressed • Trotro and Zaza Go Shopping Discover the seasons with the adorable little donkey!

Trotro & Nature 80 pages • 240 x 320 mm • 3+ 16,50€ November 2017



More stories for our happy and mischievous little tiger!


2-5 year olds

Funny Little Bugs

By Antoon KRINGS 63 titles • 28 pages • 190 x 190 mm • 3+ • 6,20€ Cro, Cz, Gr, Jp, Kr, Por (BR), Ru, Slv, Sp (SP, LA)

With over 60 characters, the Funny Little Bugs’ garden is a world full of colors, both entertaining and developmental. A successful property with nearly 18 million copies sold worldwide, a TV series and a wide range of merchandising products available.

The creator of the very successful series of animalistic adventures © Manuel Braun

Coming soon: a film inspired by the successful series!




Les Drôles de Petites Bêtes

Marguerite petite reine

Marguerite Petite Reine

J00211_DDPB63_Marguerite_int.indd 18

Antoon Krings


Gallimard Jeunesse Giboulées

© On entertainement

6,20 € Gallimard Jeunesse Giboulées

Antoon Krings



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Lou Little Wolf DDPB gardes.indd DDPB2 gardes.indd 2

DDPB gardes.indd 2

24/05/16 14:18

24/05/16 14:18

By Antoon KRINGS 8 titles • 28 pages • 190 x190 mm • 3+ • 6,20€ ChiS (PRC), Gr 24/05/16 14:1824/05/16 14:18

2 ddni.sedrag BPDD

A young hero who turns the classic figure of the wolf upside down. DDPB gardes.indd 2

Lou Little Wolf Goes on an Adventure

DDPB gardes.indd 2

24/05/16 DDPB gardes.indd 2 14:18

DDPB gardes.indd 2

3 Stories of Lou Little Wolf 24/05/16 14:18

24/05/16 14:18

2-7 year olds

Picture Books

Picture Books Just Like You

Mister Pistachio, Stop! By Julien BAER, ill. by Magali LE HUCHE Julien Baer • Magali Le Huche

By Jean-Baptiste DEL AMO, ill. by Pauline MARTIN

Julien Baer • Magali Le Huche

Gallimard Jeunesse

The perfect picture book to make children understand how close we are to animals.

Parisian pistachio and serial mischief: a jewel of quirky humour!

"Just like you, I love gentleness, cuddles and caresses, knowing that someone protects me. Just like you, I have emotions, I am happy or sad, I don't like to be hurt." Thanks to the subtil composition of the book, full of tenderness, children will readily feel that animals are not so different from us, thus deserving respect and kindness.

A pistachio nut succeeds one day in escaping from a snack bowl and takes a stroll through Paris. Excited by freedom, it causes frightening damages without realizing it: it tears the Eiffel Tower down, it stops the flow of the Seine River... Mister Pistachio, Stop! A zany story and character that will make everybody laugh, since the bigger a mischief, the funnier!

28 pages • 223 x 223 mm • 3+ • 9,90€ Rights sold: It, Kr

28 pages • 223 x 223 mm • 3+ • 14,50€

Prince Savage and the She-Fox

Saint Nicholas, The Fearful Story of the Big Salting-Tub

By Jean-Philippe ARROU-VIGNOD, ill. by Jean-Claude GÖTTING

By Philippe LECHERMEIER, ill. by Aurélie GUILLEREY

12,90 €


ISBN : 978-2-07-508415-4


Gallimard Jeunesse

Trois enfants affamés, une sombre forêt, un affreux boucher et toute la magie d’une célèbre légende : voici l’histoire de saint Nicolas, dans une version inédite et magnifiquement illustrée.

La légende de

SAINT NICOLAS ou la terrible histoire du Grand Saloir

La légende de SAINT NICOLAS

Philippe Lechermeier • Aurélie Guillerey

Philippe Lechermeier • Aurélie Guillerey

Gallimard Jeunesse

A medieval tale, that delivers a humanistic and ecological message in a poetic language.

An original retelling of a traditional legend enhanced by fresh and dynamic illustrations.

In a faraway kingdom, a prince lived, who only loved hunting, almost from birth. The king and the queen had called him Savage. One day, whilst hunting down a stag, his leg got caught in a trap he himself had set in autumn. The prince almost fainted out of rage and pain. Was he going to die, deep in the forest? When he opened his eyes again, a strange creature was watching him...

On a winter day, three children are sent out by their parents in the freezing cold to look for food. Lost in the forest, they take refuge in the home of a butcher who takes advantage of their sleep to cut them in pieces and put them in his big salting-tub. It will take the courage of a small bird and the magic of Saint-Nicholas to bring the children back to life.

48 pages • 300 x 363 mm • 9+ • 14€ • October 2017

32 pages • 239 x 291 • 4+ • 12,90€ • October 2017


Picture Books

14,50 €


J00023 ISBN: 978-2-07-507705-7

Picture Books

2-7 year olds

The Daughters of the Eagle Élise Fontenaille • Quentin Duckit

By Élise FONTENAILLE, ill. by Quentin DUCKIT

978-2-07-508071-2 •


9 moons ago, Dana and her little sister Keena were ripped off from their village and placed in a religious boarding school, as many other native American children. One day they manage to escape the spooky place. Chased by John The Hell and his two watchdogs but protected by the Crow and the Eagle, the God-animals and their tribe, they will suffer many trials before reaching again their family…

Quentin Duckit


nt été arrachées à leur famille, et placées dans de nombreux enfants indiens. Si loin de leur dire « Celle-qui-apprend » chez les Haïdas, et , qui connaît le langage de la nature et des e jour où les deux petites s’enfuient, poursuivies t de ce que lui criait Nona tandis que le bateau amais que vous êtes les filles de l’Aigle ! »

Élise Fontenaille

Since 1885 and for a century the Canadian government ripped Haïda children from their family to place them in religious schools, rather resembling jails. Many of them escaped, most of them were taken back and beaten, some of them died from cold and hunger and sometimes a few could regain their home village, just like in this story.


32 pages • 230 x 290 mm • 3+ • 14,50€ • October 2017

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Sonnette Between Dog and Wolf

ne, qui rêve d’une ville pourraient pousser un peu t de Loup, elle parcourt aperçoit un peu de terre. es d’un pissenlit magique, nt un lieu fabuleux !





Picture Books




By Victor COUTARD, ill. by Pooya ABBASIAN

18 €

22/07/17 17:35

Sonnette is a little Parisian girl, who dreams of a city where trees, plants and flowers would grow everywhere! With Wolf and Dog she runs around the city and as soon as she sees a ground spot: Dog digs a hole, Sonnette plants the seed and Wolf waters it. The city will be green again but we have to be patient… 48 pages • 270 x 330 mm • 4+ • 18€ • October 2017

The Piratosaur and the Christmas Mystery

June and Jo – The Speaking Whim

Forced to abandon his ship stuck in ice in the far North, the Piratosaur is saved by a group of penguin pirates. The Piratosaur dreams of only one thing, finding back his tropical island. Why don't you take advantage of the Santa Claus's sled? suggests the penguin pirate leader…

June has decided that she wants a speaking doll and begs her dad to bring her one. After checking everywhere, her dad returns empty handed. June turns to Jo with whom she is having fun playing. Nevermind, she says, we can play with what we have already!

10 titles • 36 pages • 210 x 250 mm • 3+ • 12,90€

3 titles • 28 pages • 170 x 200 mm • 4+ • 6,50€


By Séverine VIDAL, ill. by Amélie GRAUX

First Discovery

2-6 year olds

First Discovery My First Animated Picture Book

10 pages with flaps and wheels • 175 x 175 mm • from 18 months to 3 years old • 8,90€ 4 titles freshly published this September! This clever early concept boardbook series features spreads with flaps, wheels, selective varnish, embossing shapes, lively colors and rounded corners in a format perfect for little hands. On each spread, the questions are straightly directed to the reader and closely connected with the child daily life, offering the youngest an opportunity to explore by themselves, recognise, name and discover the world around them. The flaps and the wheels are both educational and very entertaining and the last double spread is a hunt and seek game! This one-of-a-kind series offers a fun new twist on learning, encourages language skills and enriches the child vocabulary. 9 Bonjour ! Il fait beau.

Le seau, le râteau et la pelle

Le chapeau

Le tricycle

Le ballon

Que se passe-t-il dehors ?

Ill. by Ella BAILEY

Ill. by Amélie FALIÈRE

Baby’s Day


Look around you. What’s happening outside? Each double spread questions the child throughout his day from the parc outing, lunch and bath time to bedtime. Toddlers will love recognise their environment and identify with the child on the picture. This simple and comforting title gives parents and children an interactive way to exchange and read together!

Look, a boiled egg! Inside it’s yellow and white. Do you know where the egg comes from? From breakfast to diner the reader is encouraged to ask about what he eats, to name his food and use his sense of taste and smell to describe what he likes. The colourful and vintage-like artwork confers an emotional relationship to food for the delight of the young ones!

Pin-pon ! Pin-pon !

Le camion rouge passe à toute vitesse.

Voici d’autres véhicules de secours :


Ce sont les pompiers. Mais où vont-ils ?

La moto de gendarmerie

La voiture de police

Ill. by KIKO

Ill. by Elsa FOUQUIER



The firetruck passes at high speed. Do you know how firemen do their job? How the garbage collector do his rounds? Do you have any idea of how excavators work? Young readers will learn all about urgency vehicles, garbage trucks, construction or agricultural equipment… This engaging What’s What of the transportation world is sure to be a big hit with vehicles fans!

The sun is shinning! Put your shorts and tee-shirt on! Clothes change according to the seasons and the weather. Both playful and informative this title is full of surprises. Young readers will enjoy lifting the flap to discover different ways to dress up!

Next co-printing Spring 2018: • Farm animals • Wild animals • Pets • Baby animals WORK IN PROGRESS


First Discovery

Pour sortir, tu emportes :

Grimpe dans ta poussette pour la promenade.

First Discovery

2-6 year olds

Classic series

94 titles • 68 to 80 pages • Acetates: 4 to 8 • 175 x 150 mm boardbooks spiral bound • 2 to 4 year olds • 9€ Basq, Cat, ChiC (W ex PRC), ChiS (PRC), Eng (NA, UE & CW), Ger, Hu, It, Jp, Kr, Ro, Slv, Sp (SP, LA), Th, Tur, Vt

Torchlight series

37 titles • 24 to 30 pages • Acetates: 6 • 175 x 150 mm boardbooks spiral bound • 2 to 4 year olds • 9€ Basq, Cat, ChiC (W ex PRC), ChiS (PRC), Eng (NA, UE & CW), Ger, Hu, It, Jp, Kr, Por (PR) Ro, Slv, Sp (SP, LA), Th, Tur, Vt

What Animal Eat?


First Discovery


A non-fiction series for the youngest readers that has remained a must in every child’s library worldwide for over 20 years, thanks to the magic double-sided acetates.

A playful series to explore fascinating worlds. Thanks to its magical effect, the lamp reveals little by little thousand details hidden in the illustrations.

The Little Encyclopedia

The Torch Light Little Encyclopedia

15 titles available • 68 to 80 pages • Acetates: 4 to 6 187,5 x 225 mm • hardcover • Padded cover • Spiral Bound 3 to 6 year olds • 11,90€ Basq, ChiS (PRC), Eng (UE & CW), Ger, Kr, Sp (SP), Slv, Vt

4 titles available • 68 to 80 pages • Acetates: 4 to 6 187,5 x 225 mm • hardcover • Padded cover • Spiral Bound 3 to 6 year olds • 11,90€ ChiS (PRC), Eng (UE & CW), Ger, Kr, Sp (SP)



A wealth of picture to discover , become familiar with and recognize without ever growing tired, animated by spectacular transparent pages and complemented by easy-to-read texts. Recently created! New titles to answer children’s questions. A detailed content plus a quizz make them the perfect tools to satisfy and sharpen children curiosity.

A simple concept for a spectacular effect, enhanced by a bigger format. Use the magic lamp to discover all the secrets and hidden details in each illustrations.

Explore! Series

6 titles • 18 pages • 210 x 250 mm • 4+ • 14,90€ ChiS (PRC) Animated books which take the young readers into the magic world of My First Discovery with a wealth of animations for a playful reading full of surprises. Discover the secrets and the marvels of the animal kingdom, dinosaurs, our planet or the world of transportation in the most spectacular way!



Non Fiction

10 year olds

Non Fiction BAM

6 titles • 96 pages • 135 x 184 mm • 10+ • 9,90€ Eng (W), It, Srb

A contemporary, collectable non-fiction series exploring key topics through 40 iconic figures! Synthetic and fun illustrated biographies to discover the most eminent personalities of sports, music or history...

Non Fiction


Jean-Michel BILLIOUD Ill. by ALMASTY

Olivier CACHIN Ill. by Jérôme MASI

Kings & Queens

Black Music


Hervé GUILLEMINOT Ill. by Jérôme MASI

Jean-Michel BILLIOUD Ill. by ALMASTY

Sandrine MIRZA Ill. by LE DUO

Greek Gods

Pop Stars

Soccer Players

Peace Makers


By Aurélie GERLACH, ill. by Jess PAUWELS The funny and tender adventures of a little girl, half-terrestrial and half-alien: Anna Z42 is not a little girl as the others, her father is a human, but her mother lives on the planet Aquatix, 87 millions light-years from the Earth. Since her parents are divorced, she spends her time between the Earth and Aquatix, but nobody knows, this is a secret. Vol. 2 - Saving Willix

Karim is very excited: Anna is holding her promise to take him on Aquatix, where her mother lives. Margaux-Frog, her great friend, is awaiting them. Upon arrival, Karim goes into ecstasies over everything: the shells inlaid in the walls that capture the energy of the sun, or the green skin of the people... In a pet shop, he melts with tenderness for a very cute little octopus, Willix. And decides right away to make it quit its bowl and give it back its freedom. But it doesn't take long to Willix to be mischievous. Anna and Karim set on its search in the middle of the night on a planet with many surprises in store!



64 pages • 8+ • October 2017

Already published: Margaux-Frog Has Disappeared

By Christophe MAURI, ill. by Aurore DAMANT Vol. 4 - Heritage Day At The Wax Museum

Warm and hilarious, the compelling adventures of a modern royal family that dodges protocol and aims at a normal life. A family as endearing as it is original with heartfelt relationships, with the humour and wit of Christophe Mauri, enhanced by joyful illustrations. Everytime Grandma goes to the Wax Museum of the Great Characters, the whole royal family hastens to go and hold the pose. Except that today, the exercise is going to last longer than planned. This is Heritage Day, and a real procession of visitors starts: the three friends from downtown, then King Georg and his family, without forgetting Grandma who settles on a chair. Will the royal family succeed in remaining motionless? 64 pages • 8+ • October 2017

Already published:

Vol. 1 Holidays In A Pop-Up Castle

Vol. 2 Go For Gold!

Vol. 3 S.O.S. On A Desert Island


10 and up

The Bow Master

By Stéphane BERLAND and Viviane MOORE A historical thriller in the captivating world of archery, set in the Middle Ages, at a time when Europe meets with the New World. 1522, in Saint-Malo, a coastal Brittany city and important commercial port. Young Josselin Tréhel dreams of becoming an archer and succeeds becoming an appplicant to the eslite archer company that will defend the city. Under the command of Jago, the Bow Master, training is hard and competition tough. But a tragic event occurs: an Indian prince, brought with his sister from Brazil by Jacques Cartier, a shipowner and explorer of the New World, is savagely murdered. The richnesses of the shipowner and his projects of trading with the New World are a source of envy and nothing will stop his mysterious enemies. Kalui, the beautiful Indian princess, is in danger. The company of the Bow Master is entrusted with her protection. For Josselin, the archer apprentice, a scary adventure begins. 272 pages • 10+

By Christophe MAURI, ill. by Gwendal LE BEC

A twirling narrative, full of energy and fun, but also a melancholy reverie about the end of childhood, enhanced by the illustrations of Gwendal Le Bec Everyone thinks he knows the adventures of Peter Pan. But do you know, for instance, how Peter lost the thimble Wendy offered him when she left Neverland? How his watch found itself in the stomach of a crocodile? Or why, Peter, during a vigil, heard the story of his own death? In the span of four seasons, moving and wacky, Christophe Mauri invites us to spend an original year with Peter, Wendy and the Lost Children in Neverland. 160 pages • 10+

Mathieu Hidalf, Genius of Mischief By Christophe MAURI

In this tender and funny prequel to the series Mathieu Hidalf, the first spectacular exploit of a clever and mischievous hero. Mathieu Hidalf and his feats at the Eslite School are now well known. But do you know how Mathieu, three years earlier, won the indisputable title of Genius Of Mischief? Since Mathieu offered the King a Proud Hat on his birthday, a hat impossible to remove once on one's head, he has become a celebrity in the Kingdom. Newpapers are fighting to obtain an interview. But his father, overwhelmed by dishonour, has locked his impossible son in the family castle. How will the King get rid of the fearsome hat, which was "trained" by Mathieu during almost one year? COVER IN PROGRESS

approx. 240 pages • 9+ • January 2018



The Seasons of Peter Pan

Tetralogy: The Girl Who Walked Through Mirrors By Christelle DABOS 13+ • ChiS, Cz, Eng, Hu, It, Kr, Pol, Por (BR), Ru, Sp (LA), Tur

A post-apocalyptic universe full of wonder and magic, in which people have settled on the numerous Arks now floating around the Earth, each under the power of a Family Spirit. An indisputable crossover page-turner carried by a subtle sense of psychology and an elegant fluent style. An exceptional reception with over 240,000 copies sold in France as of midSeptember 2017 and the rights sold in 11 languages so far. Ophelie, 17, is deceptively fragile and clumsy, but she also is a Mirror-Crosser and a Reader. She peacefully lives on the Ark of Anima. Sent to the Ark of the Pole until the day of a forced marriage with Thorn, its Chief Steward, and obliged to live under the disguise of a servant, Ophelie reveals the strength of her personality and manages to survive the harshness of this freezing ark.



Admitted at the Court of Farouk, the Family Spirit of the Pole, as Thorn's fiancée, Ophelie finds herself involved into investigating the mysterious disappearances of influent personalities of the Court, and understands that Dieu, a mysterious entity, is trying to manipulate them all to take the power. After a dramatic wedding held in the prison of the Citacielle, Thorn mysteriously escapes. Two years and seven months after Thorn's disappearance, Ophelie travels to the Ark of Babel, a cosmopolitan ark and a jewel of modernity. With the permission of Lady Helene, one of the twin Family Spirits of Babel, she becomes a virtuoso apprentice of the Memorial under a false identity, in search of the truth about Dieu and on the trail of Thorn.

New Sparta By Erik L'HOMME

And what if Ancient Sparta was re-born on the shores of Lake Baikal? A captivating alternate history and initiation novel, but also a sensual and passionate love story. The confrontation between two worlds: a decadent, artificial and consumerist West, the Occidie, and New Sparta, a utopian society, based upon the moral and spiritual ideals of Ancient Sparta. An efficient narrative, full of stylistic inventions. The survivors of the Great Upheavals fled two centuries ago to the shores of Lake Baikal to establish the Federation of New Sparta. It is a society based upon the ideals of the ancient Greek city, egalitarism among the citizens, physical and intellectual training, and close to nature. New Sparta lives in peace with the Occidie and the Darislam, two empires, the remnants of the Old World. Until the day two deadly attacks drench the city in blood. Valère, a young pilot of 16, the son of an assassinated New Sparta hero, but also of an Occidian mother, is secretely sent to Occidie. He reluctantly accepts his mission as a spy, leaving behind Alexia, his love since ever. Beyond the fake wonders of Occidie, Valère is going to find unexpected friends and foes, and will finally find out he himself is the key to the whole story. 200 pages • 13+ • October 2017

Book 1. The Winter Fiancés 528 pages Book 2. The Missing Ones of the Moonlight Embassy 560 pages Book 3. The Memory of Babel 496 pages Book 4. to come out in 2018


10 and up

The Dawn Will Be Glorious

Three Angry Girls

A strong mother/daughter relationship is put into question by the story that Titania, the mother, has to tell her daughter Nine within the time-span of a single and crucial night.

50 years after May 1968, a novel that brings to life, from 1966 to 1968, the wind of protest that led to historical events in Paris, Berlin and Athens and the stories of three young women and of their families.

A tensed and suspenseful narrative, built with subtlety, step by step, that distills the secret story of a family, in its dark and joyful times, as in a thriller: why did Titania hide from Nine from her birth the existence of their family?

A dynamic construction in the form of letters, that brings the reader close to the intimate life of these families, but also to the cultural, social and political context in the three countries.

Love, complicity, transmission between generations, but also struggle for life, with a gallery of strong and endearing characters, and a literary construction based on flashbacks from the past. End of June 2016. At nightfall, a car parks in front of an isolated log, on the shore of a lake. In the car, Nine and her mother. Nine, who will be sixteen in a few days, is furious: she is going to miss the prom party of her high school. Before the sunrise, Titania is going to tell a story to Nine. But not an invented story, as she usually does in the detective stories she publishes: the story of her life, which she never could tell to anyone. Why did she keep so many secrets? Who does this log belong to? And who are the people on the photos on the wall? The reader travels back and forth between nowadays and the 60's and 70's. From the France of Charles de Gaulle until that of the 2015 attacks, he discovers a battered but cohesive family, with a free and fiery mother, RoseAimée, and three resourceful children: Consalata, the elder sister, and Octo and Orion, the twin brothers. Along the pages, it is all about love, politics, loyalty and treachery, successes and failures, breakaways and reunions. 320 pages • 13+ Rights sold in Italy


The book is visually enriched with archive pictures or fictional documents interspersed throughout the pages: photos, newspaper articles, slogans, maps... August 1966. Magda,17 years old, has been hosted for five years by her uncle and aunt in Paris. She is now coming back to West Berlin to join her father. They are hoping for the return of her mother, brother and sister, who are still behind the other side of the Wall. For Suzanne, the departure of her cousin Magda is a heartbreak. She is choking between her parents that barely talk to each other, and dreams only of going out, of rock'n roll and of Marcel, this student who tells her that fidelity is nothing but an obsolete bourgeois concept. In the meanwhile, in Greece, Cleomena, a brilliant student, is worrying herself sick. The Communists are persecuted. Her brother and mother have disappeared. She decides to fly away from the dictatorship and accept the job she has been offered in Paris. approx. 300 pages • 14+ • October 2017



By Anne-Laure BONDOUX

Who’s Who Antoine GALLIMARD






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