X-RiteColor ® DTP92 Monitor Optimizer

Is your monitor displaying colors accurately? T h e re is one way to make sure. Calibrate and p rofile your monitor in just a few seconds with the X-RiteColor® ...
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Monitor Optimizer

X-RiteColor ® DTP92 Monitor Optimizer


Tethered Desktop Colorimeter For Monitor Calibration Is your monitor displaying colors accurately? There is one way to make sure. Calibrate and profile your monitor in just a few seconds with the X-RiteColor® Monitor Optimizer®. It’s the only true CIE-based colorimeter available for desktop color use. It has a wideband four-channel design that boasts advantages over competitive devices. • It is more accurate than ordinary three-filter calibrators labeled as colorimeters. • It is also more accurate than common spectrophotometers that claim accuracy when used in monitor calibration. Only the Monitor Optimizer can be used to measure and calculate a wide variety of indices and colorimetric data using its internal microprocessor.

USING T HE M ONITOR O PTIMIZER Simply connect the Monitor Optimizer to your Macintosh serial port and install the ColorShop™ software. Press the instrument to attach it to your monitor. The ColorShop software displays test colors that are measured by the instrument. Finally, save and apply the calibration settings of your choice. You can even create ICC profiles for use in any application that supports Apple’s ColorSync™ .

X-Rite® now offers ColorShop software from Light Source, which is useful for monitor calibration and ICC profile creation on your MacOS™ computer. The X-Rite DTP92 Monitor Optimizer is widely supported by many software packages for use in prepress, graphic design, photography, medical and broadcast applications.

Benefits • Fast and simple to use • Automates the entire monitor calibration and profiling process. • Can be used to help match multiple monitors to each other, at the same location or remotely. • Saves time and effort by improving preview accuracy to color materials. • Enables materials savings through softproofing with ColorSync-compatible software. • Supported by virtually every color calibration and color management solution available today.


For use with third-party software applications, the DTP92 instrument can also be ordered separately. (Order X-Rite model DTP92.) This configuration does not include software, but does include interface cables for all major computing platforms including Sun, Silicon Graphics, Macintosh and Windows systems.

• Measures with true CIE response, making it the most accurate and affordable monitor characterization.


• Includes built-in processor for fast and accurate measurement data.

The Monitor Optimizer is the best way to achieve and maintain color accuracy among multiple monitors in your setting. It is fast, reliable and simple to use.


• Uses X-Rite’s patented two-way serial communication technology. • Comes with a plastic holder for the colorimeter that attaches to the side of any monitor.


12/11/97 4:26 PM

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Monitor Optimizer

M ONITOR O PTIMIZER O NLY Monitor Optimizer arrives with everything needed to connect and begin using it in minutes: - X-Rite DTP92 true CIE colorimeter - Monitor calibration and ICC profile creation software - ColorShop basic software for the control and manipulation of color



ACCURACY Chroma: ±.002 x,y (Typ.) Luminance: ±2% Y White point calibration within 4% of NIST standards

LINEARITY Within 2% over entire range


Height: 5.36cm (2.11in) Width: 5.64cm (2.22in) Length: 10.29cm (4.05in)

WEIGHT 7 oz (198g)


- Macintosh interface cables and power supply

±.002 x,y

- Apple MacOS computer,


- 68040 processor or faster

- Complete documentation on disk for immediate online access

< 2 seconds per measurement

- Apple System 7.5.3 or newer


• Allows user to set predefined gamma response curves.

- Available serial port

Colorimetric data, color temperature, RGB, luminance, or video frequency

- 4MB of application memory RAM

• Offers color temperature setting from 3500˚ to 9300˚ Kelvin.


- 5MB of available hard drive space (8MB if Power MacIntosh)

DTP92 O NLY The DTP92 configuration includes everything you need to work with your third-party software: - X-Rite’s DTP92 true CIE colorimeter - Interface and power supply cables for Macintosh, IBM, Sun and Silicon Graphics computers - Instrument connection documentation • Platform and application independent. • Compatible with third-party color management and calibration software. • Works with Mac, Sun, Windows, DOS, and Silicon Graphics computers.

Diameter: .57in (14.5mm) Target: 1.25in x 1.25in min. (3cm x 3cm) Monitor radius: 22.6in min.

- 16-bit color monitor/display card - ColorSync 2.0 or newer (included)

M EASURING R ANGE 0 to 150 ft•lamberts (0 to 500 cd/m2[nits]) 40-150 Hz refresh rate (interlaced or non-interlaced)

I/O CONNECTION (M ACINTOSH ) I/O Connection 8-pin mini DIN for serial and 4-pin mini-DIN for power (ADB) (connections to other platforms via adapters)

D ATA INTERFACE RS-232 serial interface with baud rates from 1200 to 19.2k communications via RCI commands

P OWER R EQUIREMENTS +5 volts supplied through ADB (Macintosh) 50 ma max.

S YSTEM R EQUIREMENTS : DTP92 C ONFIGURATION - Macintosh, Sun, Silicon Graphics, Windows or DOS computers - Available serial port - A supporting third-party software application • For the most recent list, see X-RiteColor Enabled Partner literature item (L11-031A and L11-031B) or visit our Monitor Optimizer/DTP92 Support Page at www.xrite.com. This product covered by U.S. and foreign Patents and Patents Pending.

ENVIRONMENTAL Operating temp: +10˚ to 35˚ C; 30% to 60% RH Storage temp: -40˚ to 50˚ C; 5% to 95% RH

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