Vision – the Business Case - Business Action for Sustainable

Vision – the Business Case. ❖ Restates our ... A business friendly brief on 20 essential economic, social and ... A communication/dialog space, before and after.
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Vision – the Business Case ™ Restates our members’ vision of the relationships between responsible companies and the goal of sustainable development ™ Strong link to STM and major WBCSD reports ™ The familiar, the tough and the framework ™ Dissemination as input to WSSD regional meetings and future PrepComs ™ Basis for Work Book

MarketScape - Trends and Facts… ™ A WBCSD initiative implemented by WRI in cooperation with UNEP ™ A business friendly brief on 20 essential economic, social and environmental trends ™ Feedback on draft during September ™ Publication with the IHT ™ Available Feb 2002

Work Book ™ Outline ready and reviewed by members ™ Authors Chad Holiday Stephan Schmidheiny Phil Watts

™ Production team Lloyd Timberlake Andrea Spencer-Cooke Amy Brown Samantha Chadwick and Cheryl Andre de la Porte

™ A business book – 400 pages max.

Work Book ™ Follows the structure of the « vision » ™ Paper…alive with case studies ™ Share evidence and learning about the business case ™ Review drafts on website ™ Publication by commercial publisher, several languages ™ Launch at Jo’burg Summit ™ Post-summit impact

Work Book chapters and case studies Intro: The Business Case The Market Framework Conditions Eco-efficiency Corporate Social Responsibility Learning to Change Dialogue to Partnerships Inform and provide Customer Choice Innovation Reflecting the worth of the Earth Making the markets work for everyone

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Business at the Summit ™ Multiple voices, same music ™ Highlight and amplify ™ A stage and a chorus, perfectly timed ™ A communication/dialog space, before and after ™ A human face and a legacy ™ Maximize impact/$ ™ Cooperative funding of BASD just enough time if we start now!