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Axe Master | Sega | Prize Vending

The company that brought you the Megahit, Award Winning High Value Prize Vending Game, Key Master proudly introduces Axe Master!

Prize vending game | Simple to play button controls | Simple prize shelves to make refilling easy | Coin, DBA or swipe card ready


Players use the left and right buttons to position the axe. They then move it up to the desired prize level and release to chop with your axe. If the axe hits the target, the player wins a prize!

The axe

Aim for this to win!

Control panel

Assembled Dimensions D990mm W965mm Shipping Dimensions D1110mm W1070mm

H1855mm H2210mm

220kg 300kg

| |

D39" D44"

W38" W42"

H73" H87"

485lbs 661lbs