SEAN Memorial Archives (serial pics list) (updated: 9.5.2005) Official

May 9, 2005 - starting with Sean-Come_Wars_01.jpg. Dune Buggers ... starting with sean_surfside_sex.pdf. Syndicate Sex (24 pages + cover + 7 pages text).
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SEAN Memorial Archives (serial pics list) Official Sean Memorial Site (Series with an ** are also stored there)

(updated: 9.5.2005)

A) Stories (10 pages each, unless stated otherwise) Beach Buns (etc.) or: starting with Sean-Beach_Buns_01.jpg Biff 1 (Rodeo + Construction site) (48 pages, incl. cover pics) Biff 2 (Bound) (48 pages, incl. Cover) ** Big Foot (18 pages) ** Buddies & the Bastards, The ** Cadet Club ** check: Adult art Come Wars (16 pages) starting with Sean-Come_Wars_01.jpg

Dune Buggers Fire Break ** Four In Hand starting with sean_FourInHand01_sm.jpg

Gang Bangers (10 pages/19pics) Hard As Steel ** (etc.) or: starting with sean-steel01.jpg Olympricks, The Pledge Watchers RapidShooters (etc.) or: starting with Sean-Rapid_Shooters_01.jpg Shooters Of The Deep (11 pics) Sky High and Hard Snow Blow (10 pages/17 pics) Stud Stars

Swim Meat ** Tail Of The Old West ** Tunnel of Lust Visitation Rites (10 pages/20 pics) Working the Shaft

B) Early Stories Bondage Island (6 pics, probably not complete) Cell Block Sex (20 pics + Index 1&2) ** Hard Hat Sex (24 pages, incl. cover) ** Peter Built (18 pics) Roadside Sex (20 pages + cover) (recent version) starting with sean_rs01.jpg

(older version) Space Slaves / Master of Masters (26 pics + text) Surfside Sex (20 pics + text) starting with sean_surfside_sex.pdf

Syndicate Sex (24 pages + cover + 7 pages text)

C) Serial Illustrations Dentist Illustrations (8 pics) starting with sean_Dentist1.jpg

Fledermaus Anthology (18 pics) ** check: Adult art Master Met / Master of Masters (4 pics) Mythical Moments (23 pics, including 2 text pages) ** Quest (10 pics) (has also been posted earlier (by error?) as „It‘s Show Biz“)

D) Jake (4 pages each) (Note: The Jake stories are not (officially) titled or numbered. They seem all to have appeared in „Jock“ (and maybe other) magazines first. Jake-01 to Jake-09 have been reedited in a book in the order used below). Jake-00: Cover pics & various (4 pics) starting with sean_Jake_cover_detail_sm.jpg Jake-01: Jake gets the Job (4 pages) Jake-02: Soccer Playoff (4 pages) Jake-03: SwimMeat (4 pages) Jake-04: Skydiving (4 pages) Jake-05: Ski Season (4 pages/9 pics) (etc.) or: starting with Sean-Jake_SkiSeason01.jpg Jake-06: Back On Campus (4 pages + 9 pics) (etc.) or: starting with Sean-Jake_BackOnCampus01.jpg Jake-07: Acapulco Trip (4 pages/12 pics) (etc.) or: starting with Sean-Jake_AcapulcoTrip01.jpg Jake-08: Secret Cave/ On The Plains (4 pages/10 pics) Jake-09: Tattle Tale (4 pages) Jake-10: Santa Reunion (4 pages) Jake-11: Training Camp (4 pages) Jake-12: At the Arena (4 pages/14 pics) (etc.) or: starting with Sean-Jake_AtTheArena01.jpg Jake-13: College Game Cramps (4 pages) (etc.) or: start with Sean-Jake_CollegeGameCramps1L.jpg Jake-14: Hang Gliding (4 pages) Jake-15: Carnival On Ice (4 pages) Jake-16: Tennis Star (4 pages)

E) Illustrations for Short Stories A Walk In The Park (4 pics + text) Dance Master (4 pics + text) French Cuir (3 pics + text) ** Keyboard Cock (2 pics) Liberty Fireworks (2 pics+ text) Piotr‘s Tale (2 pics) Red dog (3 pics + text) StudBusters2 (5 pics) starting with Sean-SB2-1.jpg Taking The Lead (3 pics + text) Tattoo for Father‘s Day (4 pics + text) The Lure (1 pic + text) The Ones Who Stayed Behind (3 pics) The Surprise (3 pics + text) WW2 - The Big One (2 pics) starting with sean_ww2_the_big_one_01.jpg

F) Various Tony And Trent (6 single-page stories) Standalone Pics (Included: Shawn signing as Shawn or as John Klamik) (and following pages) Lithos (3 sets of 6) (NB. The current postings should be completed by the end of the month) (etc.) or: starting with SeanLithos-JO1-cs.jpg

Note: To find the pics just paste the links in your adress bar. Due to the particularities of the MAT archive sites, I had to give two links for some of the recent posts. Try either one, as the „index“ link may not work yet, while the direct link will not work anymore once the archive site is full. When the link is followed by („etc.“), just replace the last number in the pic name by 2, 3 and so on, to get the whole series. Comments and additions to this list are most welcome. [email protected]

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