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L e a d P r o g r a m m e r. Top Spin 3 (2008). Xbox 360/PS3. Lead Programmer PS3. Pre production and production stages. Managed a team of 8 programmers.
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Top Spin 3 (2008) Xbox 360/PS3

Lead Programmer PS3. Pre production and production stages. Managed a team of 8 programmers. “This game transcends the boundaries of what has previously been achieved in the acclaimed Top Spin franchise by ensuring every detail is accurate, from the cloud cover to lighting, from sweat to dirt on clothing, to every drop shot, slice, lob and backhand.” - Christoph Hartmann, President of 2K

Seule avec Loup (2006) PC. Visual and Interactive System.

“Par son passage devant un laser, le spectateur peut librement interagir sur les événements, faire tomber de la pluie, par exemple. L'atmosphère est littéralement magique, à tel point que même la princesse Caroline a succombé au charme de ce voyage onirique en restant plus de dix minutes sur les lieux lors de l'inauguration. De fait, cette oeuvre réalisée en coproduction avec l'Ircam et l'Irisa est sans doute la plus poussée du point de vue technologique dans le parcours des Corsino.” - Libération

Top Spin 2 (2006) Xbox 360

Senior Programmer. Pre production and final stages. Core technologies porting and final optimization. “Top Spin 2 is a dream title for sports gamers. Not only does it improve upon its forerunner, it completely revamps its gameplay engine making for an absolutely blissful virtual tennis experience. And at twenty bones below other Xbox 360 titles, thereʼs not much to fret about.” - GameZone

Top Spin 2 (2006) Nintendo DS

Lead Programmer. All production stages. Managed a team of up to 7 programmers. “Top Spin 2 is a title that impresses beyond our expectations on the DS. PAM may have had a tough time on the 360 and making a truly next gen game, but in terms of handheld, they have created the best tennis game available for portable systems. It may not innovate that much compared to the other two TS games, but it does what it set out to do well, and thatʼs what matters most.” - 3DAvenue

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) Nintendo DS

Lead Programmer. All production stages. Managed a team of up to 6 programmers. “It makes really nice use of the DS features, both in the story mode and the mini-games, and shows you exactly what the system was intended to do.” - Next Level Gaming

Top Spin (2005) PS2

Senior Programmer. Game port from Xbox. “The core gameplay has been retained and the game is still just as fun as it was on the Xbox, there has been no loss to the fun of the gameplay in the transition to the PlayStation 2.” - PALGN

Wallbangers (2004) PS2

Senior Programmer. Prototyping and Pre production stages. “Wallbangers is a fast-paced, arcade-style sports game that unites the arcade gameplay of racquet games like squash with fighting games. You must strategize offense and defense on the fly in this action game, with tactics affecting your attack and defense skills.” - IGN

Top Spin (2003) Xbox

Programmer. Production and final stages. “Simply put, Top Spin is the best overall tennis game out there. While Virtua Tennis and even Mario Tennis are great games, Top Spin's added depth, online play, and beautiful graphics make it the tennis game to have, no questions asked.” - IGN

Topologie de lʼinstant (2001) PC

Lone Programmer. “Le visiteur enlève ses chaussures pour fouler la laque noire, manie le joystick de la première «navigation chorégraphique 3D», une époustouflante plongée dans un monde de réalité virtuelle où des clones de danseurs disparaissent dès qu'on tente de les saisir et invitent à se perdre dans des labyrinthes où la gravité s'inverse.” - Libération

Kokabo (2001) Flash Lone Programmer. Kokabo is a platform game designed in Flash to be played trough internet. It features cute graphics and very easy to use design level tools.

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