Razer™ Milestones December 1997 1998 1999 2000 2002 2003 2004

Razer™ staged the first Razer™/CPL tournament in Dallas with US$100K in total ... Razer™ is appointed the Official Supplier for the World Cyber Games 2004 ...
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Razer™ Milestones December 1997 •

The founders of R azer™ were first exposed to the core tec hnology of what would become the R azer B oomslang™ through a consulting projec t in Asia.

1998 •

Razer’s founders decided they would invest in research to prove that gamers , graphic designers and CA D users would unders tand and appreciate what a high- resolution, high-prec ision product could do With research results to back their hunch, R azer™ —the extreme and irreverent home and gaming devices —and “kärna precision” were born

1999 • • • •

Razer™ hired the bes t and the brightest design and marketing firms Fitc h worked on brand, website and product design; I gnited Minds created promotions and advertis ing; and NPI (previously known as GE/Fitch) oversaw production in A sia. The R azer B oomslang 1000™ and B oomslang 2000™ (named after a highly venomous African snake) were born. The Razer Booms lang™ received excellent reviews from media and users alike

2000 •

• •

Razer Boomslang™ was named “game peripheral of the year” and won a BusinessWeek “A nnual D esign A ward (C omputer Equipment)” for the Razer Boomslang™ 1000 and Razer Boomslang™ 2000. Four of the top ten professional gamers cleaned up at gaming tournaments in the US and Europe us ing the Razer Booms lang™. Razer™ staged the first Razer™/C PL tournament in Dallas with US$100K in total prize money. Jonathan “Fatality” Wendel walked away with the US$40K first-plac e prize.

2002 • •

Razer™ and the developer of the core technology retooled and reintroduced the Razer Boomslang™ 2100. Production was moved to C hina, the first big orders came from TerraTec, in Germany. o Thus was born the TerraTec Mystify R azer Boomslang™ 2100 .

2003 •

Razer returns to the US with the relaunch of www.razerzone.com and the introduction of two exceptional products : o Razer Boomer Control™ —an advanced pointing device for gamers who use lower sensitivity settings and ultra- fast hand movement—this is the mouse for fas t-twitch gamers s uch as FPS (First-Person-S hooter) and A ction Gamers , and the o Razer Boomer Speed™ — for gamers who max out sensitivity to the upper limits of 2100 dpi on Adventure, RPG (Role-Playing Games ) and RTS (Real Time S trategy) games .

2004 •

Razer Inc . picks Singapore for its expansion into the A sia Pacific region (including China, Japan, Korea and A ustralasia). o Razer (A sia-Pacific ) Pte L td is incorporated and R azer’s A sia-Pacific headquarters is established in Singapore

Razer™ launches the R azer V iper™ 1000dpi optical mouse worldwide


The Razer V iper™ s weeps awards worldwide. T hese awards include: o “Editor’s C hoice" by PC Gamer o “The ultimate gaming mouse” by Tom’s Hardware Guide

Razer™ launches the R azer eX actMat™ dual sided precision mousing surface.

Razer™ is appointed the O fficial S upplier for the World C yber G ames 2004 G rand Finals in San F rancisco with Razer’s F lagship produc t for Fall ’04 , the Razer Diamondback™, s lated to be the O fficial Mouse for the Grand F inals .

Razer™ provides s neak peeks of the Razer D iamondback™ at the Games convention in Leipzig, Germany.

Over 200,000 pre-orders for the D iamondback™ gaming mouse are placed prior to the launc h.

2005 •

The Razer D iamondback™, the world’s first 1600dpi optical mouse with a proprietary 16 bit data c hannel, is launched

The Razer D iamondback™ s weeps some of the industry’s top awards including: o GameSpot’s “Best Gaming Hardware for 2004” A ward o PC Gamer “E ditor’s C hoice” A ward o Computer Gaming World “E ditor’s C hoice” A ward

USD$ 15 million worth of R azer Diamondback™ mice are sold in the first three months prior to its launch.

Razer™ unveils the Razer Diamond P las ma LE™—the world’s performance gaming mouse powered by a 1600 dpi optical engine

Razer Pro|Solutions™—a line of precision peripherals targeted at c reative professionals is launched at Mac world in Boston with the 1600dpi Razer P ro|Click™ v1.6 professional precision mouse and Razer Pro|Pad™ anodized aluminum dual-s urfaced mousing surface perfec t for demanding graphics applic ations and precis ion engineering users . o Razer Pro|Solutions™ is nominated for “Best H ardware of Mac world”

Razer™ sponsors C yber-athlete Professional L eague (C PL) S ummer 2005

Razer™ sponsors C PL World Tour 2005 Singapore with Intel and Nvidia.

Razer™ sponsors the Razer™ Cyber-athlete A mateur League (C A L ) 2005—R azer™ is the sole spons or of this online Razer™ CA L tournament

Razer™ is appointed P remier Sponsor for the World Cyber Games (WC G) 2005 in Singapore with Intel. o Razer™ previews the Razer Tarantula™ c ustomizable gaming keyboard, Razer Piranha™ gaming headset and R azer Krait™ 1600dpi mouse built for reflex gameplay at the WC G 2005 in Singapore

The Razer C opperhead™, the world’s first 2000dpi laser powered gaming mouse is launc hed. It is the world’s firs t intelligent mouse as well as the fastest mouse in the world.



infra- red

The R azer Mantis ™ mousing mat, made of patented Fibertek fabric material, is launc hed. o The Razer Mantis ™ comes in two versions : the C ontrol version for lowersensitivity gamers and the S peed version for higher-sensitivity gamers

Razer™ sponsors C PL Winter 2005

2006 •

The R azer Tarantula™ cus tomizable gaming keyboard is voted as a finalis t at the 2006 International C onsumer E lectronics S how (C ES) in Las Vegas .

Razer P ro|S olutions ™ previews its c ustomizable multimedia keyboard with the world’s firs t integrated iPod dock and portable earphones , P r| oTone™ m100 and m250 at Mac world (San Francisco).

Razer™ is awarded four prestigious “red dot: product design 2006” awards for superior design and quality in Germany. T he accolades were awarded to the Razer Copperhead™, Razer T arantula™, R azer Pro|Solutions™ P ro|Click™ v1 .6 and Razer Pro|Solutions™ Pro|Type™ multimedia customizable keyboard.