R segment

1. Emergency gears extraction lever. 2. Aircraft distance transponder SOD-57 ... Type 81 IFF transponder switch. 5. ... ARC operating mode switch (COMPASS /.
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R segment R segment contains interface for turning on/off all the airplane systems. Along with that, RV segment contains main radar control panel, radio station channel selector and ARC station selector.

Image 6.2: R cockpit segment. Grouped switches are numbered from left to right, top down. This image is available for hi-resolution print (Mods\aircrafts\MiG21BIS\Doc\Manual_Images).

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Emergency gears extraction lever


Aircraft distance transponder SOD-57

30. SARPP-12 Flight data recorder “Black box” power switch

power switch

31. Emergency canopy jettison lever

Aircraft distance transponder SOD-57

32. Gsh-23 gun power switch

channels (wave) selector switch

33. ASP-PFD optical sight switch


Type 81 IFF transponder switch

34. Gun-camera power switch


Cockpit white-lights control knob

35. SRZO-2 (IFF) power switch


SPO-10 Radar Illumination Warning

36. SRZO-2 (IFF) control lights (emitter on,


System power switch 7.

code on, decipher on) + channel selector

ARC operating mode switch (COMPASS /

37. ARC frequency range selector knob


38. Emergency Transponder + SRZO-2 (IFF)


ARC channels selector buttons


Radio station volume control knob

self-destruction control panel 39. Electric Bus No.2 circuit breaker

10. Radio or compass sound selector switch

40. Fuses/circuit breakers box

11. Radio noise squelch switch

41. Battery heating switch

12. Radio channel window

42. Electric current converter PO-750 No 2

13. Radio channel selector knob


14. Nose cone power switch

43. Electric current converter PO-750 No 1

15. Auxiliary hydro pump switch


16. Trimmer power switch

44. Air bleed doors 1.5 Mach test button

17. Radio station power switch

45. Aircraft distance transponder SOD-57

18. ARC power switch

PVU-1 and PVU-2 control block test

19. Radio altimeter power switch


20. RSBN/PRMG power switch

46. Panel-text red backlights control

21. KPP main/aux power switch

47. Test button for disengaging the ailerons

22. NPP power switch


23. Autopilot power switch

48. Instruments red backlights control

24. Autopilot pitch channel power switch

49. AC generator switch

25. Heating for IR/SARH missiles and Gun-

50. SPRD rocket boosters jettison power


supply switch

26. IR/SARH missiles master arm power

51. SPRD rocket boosters starter power


supply switch

27. Pylons 1-2 power switch

52. Battery switch

28. Pylons 3-4 power switch

53. DC generator switch

29. Formation lights switch (central – off,

54. Emergency current converter power

up – medium, left - weak, right – strong)

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55. Gyros for DA-200, NPP, SAU and radar

65. RP-22 radar low altitude light


66. RP-22 radar fixed beam switch

56. Gyros for NPP, SAU, radar and KPP

67. RP-22 radar fixed beam light


68. Red-floodlights control

57. 3rd fuel tanks group pump switch

69. Warning lights group/test and backlight

58. Canopy air conditioner open/close

control knob - Fuel systems


70. Warning lights group/test and backlight

59. 1st fuel tanks group pump switch

control knob - Engine/Main systems

60. Dispense fuel tank pump switch

71. Aircraft distance transponder SOD-57

61. Main and auxiliary air pressure gauge

modes control panel

62. RP-22 radar main mode switch

72. ARC sound control knob (for Morse NDBs



63. RP-22 radar error light

73. Aircraft distance transponder SOD-57

64. RP-22 radar low altitude / sidebeam

interrogation button

compensation switch

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