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Apr 2, 2012 - Daria is a rock band based in Angers, France. The line-up of the group is Etienne Belin (guitar), Germain. Kpakou (bass), Camille Belin (vocals, ...
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DARIA New album RED RED Yotanka / Differ-ant distibution


Press : PROMONLINE / Vincent Bazille 9 village le Pégatine 44690 Maisdon/Sevre Tel. 06 84 96 27 45 [email protected]

Tour : DARIA / Etienne 21 rue Lenepveu 49100 ANGERS Tel. 06 79 86 45 33 [email protected]

Label : YOTANKA / Vivien 9 rue Claveau 49100 ANGERS Tel. 02 85 34 35 70 [email protected]

Band : DARIA [email protected]

BIOGRAPHY Daria is a rock band based in Angers, France. The line-up of the group is Etienne Belin (guitar), Germain Kpakou (bass), Camille Belin (vocals, guitar) and Arnaud Ligonnière (drums). Since its beginning in 2000, daria has developed a reputation for its loud and aggressive yet melodic music that echoes the sounds of American alternative rock bands such as Weezer, Fugazi, Foo Fighters or The Jesus Lizard. Their intense live shows have taken them across Europe and Canada, playing with bands such as Against Me, The Libertines, Qui (David Yow’s latest band), Les Thugs etc 2 April 2012 will see the band release its third album entitled ‘Red Red‘ (Yotanka/Differ-Ant). This new effort was recorded in 10 days, full live conditions, everybody in the same room, minimum overdubs and computer sheits by producer Olivier Fournier at Tostaky Studio, Angers- France. It was later mixed at Fournier’s own studio- The Studioscope. The release will be followed by an extensive tour leading the band to every corner of France and Europe.

Beware, daria coming for you!


INFORMATION about DARIA - DARIA formed in 2000 - From Angers- France - Drums // Bass- BGV // Left guitar – BGV // Right guitar - Vocals - More than 250 gigs (France, Spain, Ireland, Canada) - 2 Lps : o Open Fire (2009, Crash Disques, PIAS, Asa Music) o Silencer (2006, Asa Music, Codaex) - 2 Eps : o Tubes Are Warming Up (2004, Asa Music, Musicast) o The August Effect (2001, Asa Music)

INFORMATION about RED RED - New Album: RED RED - 11 tracks - Recorded live at Tostaky Studio (Fr) by Olivier ‘Cali’ Fournier in July 2011 - Mixed at Studioscope (Fr) by Olivier ‘Cali’ Fournier in September 2011 - Mastered at Sun Room Audio (USA) by Dan Coutant in October 2011

TRACKLIST RED RED Approx. Running Time : 37 min 1. Defeaning Times 2. Bridges 3. Deceiver 4. You’re a Man 5. We Are What We Aren’t 6. Parade 7. Tristan Da Cunha 8. The Sinner 9. Prove We Wrong 10. The Last Page 11. The English Cloud

VIDEO MATERIALS - Videos for Defeaning Times and Bridges - By Maxime and Valentin Arrivé - Available March- April 2012