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Lyme Strategies Practical Research on Lyme Infection How To Do The Protocol (Thumbnail Summary)............ .(Th A quick thumbnail summary of How To Do The Protocol is as follows: (Note: The best, most thorough "How-To" in terms of exactly what to do step-by-step, how to properly "Scale-Up", what to expect, when, where to get materials, adjuncts to assist the protocol, etc., are available as a complete eBook "How Top Do The Oral Salt/C Protocol" which is available in the Advanced Members Section.)


1. Read The Basic Concept and Theory: At the original Lymephotos site: . 2. Get the correct salt for the protocol: DO NOT USE PROCESSED TABLE SALT (i.e. Morton's, etc.) - THIS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND CAN MAKE YOU ACTUALLY WORSE. Get the correct salt as noted at Link # 12. in the Links Section of this board entitled: "Salt Sources (online and offline)". If you use natural salts (instead of the 1 gram CMC salt tabs), get empty gel capsules to fill to make a salt "dose". One size #00 capsule will give you roughly 1 gram of salt when filled. .

3. Get Vitamin C: It can be any good Vitamin C tab or capsule from your local health store or online. Best is a "natural source" type C (example" vitamin C from "rose hips") that also has "bioflavanoids" for better absorption and assimilation. Those with "tender tummies" from their Lyme complex, may prefer "buffered C". Note: it is also possible to "pre-mix" a "day's worth" of salt/C doses in a container and then take doses from it spread out through the day. This has been found helpful for those with nausea issues as result of their Lyme complex. For more information on this method see Link #9 of the Links Section, entitled "Mixture Method". .

4. The "Scale-Up" Method: DO NOT start out at full-dose (the "up to 12 grams" per day) as described at the Lymephotos site. Use the "Scale-Up Method. Start with 1 gram of salt and 1 gram of Vitamin C, taken together - and literally just take them 1-2 times per day. Many folks with high microbial "loads" have had significant "die-off" reactions (or "herxheimer" reaction - or "herx" for short), just on such a starting dosing. (example: at 10AM and then again at 2PM) Then, "listen" very carefully to the reaction of your body. If there's even just increased fatigue, or the common "itching, moving" sensation of the skin, hold at that dose. Continue just at that dose until it "flattens" or "plateaus", and the reaction subsides,

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How To

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before edging up an additional dose for the day, or 3 times spread-out in the day. Note: drink plenty of water on the protocol, both with the dosing and in between, so that many glasses of water are consumed daily. If the reaction is really strong, really "stiff" as we say and is too uncomfortable, you can back down the dose or even hold off altogether for a day or so to allow the body to "clear" the die-off material. (However, it is best wherever possible to simply back down the dose rather than stop the protocol, as it is the constant application of the protocol that has been found to bring a person back healthwise in a shorter time). During the "die-off" reaction (or "herx") period, you will want to help the body and give it as much support as possible by: z drinking lots of good, pure water z take ample minerals (Concentrace liquid minerals are recommended) z eat an alkalizing diet (at least 75% good, fresh veggies/fruit, etc.) z for digestive, nausea, toxic feeling, take Activated Charcoal (online or health store) but away from the supps z give your body as much rest as possible Follow the above pattern, edge the doses up gradiently and steadily, allow "clearing" as noted and support the body. The motto is: "pace, not race". .

5. "Herx" periods: Expect to hit more pronounced or "stiff" herx periods at approximately the 4-5 week period, the 8-9 week, the 12-13 week, the 16-17 week, and roughly every 4 weeks from the time of starting for many months. A significant period can be found at the 6 month (or 26-27 week area) and the 9-10 month area.

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