Industrial Processes - Business Action for Sustainable Development

electronic components. The global paper industry is considering a declaration in increased paper recycling. SUSTAINBAILITY THROUGH THE MARKET.
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SUPPLEMENTARY REPORT ON WORKING GROUP ON INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES The following projects were reported as examples of progress towards sustainable development since 1992. AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY Sustainable mobility undertaken by automobile manufacturers and petroleum companies under the auspices of the WBCSD. By 2002 issues to be included in the final report will have been identified. Global consultation with stakeholders is taking place. CEMENT INDUSTRY Lafarge is participating in a global WBCSD investigation into sustainability in the global cement industry. A South African case study is being prepared by Lafarge for demonstration at Johannesburg. RECYCLING The Bureau of international recycling reported on projects on end of life vehicles and electronic components. The global paper industry is considering a declaration in increased paper recycling. SUSTAINBAILITY THROUGH THE MARKET Proctor and Gamble is one of the companies leading the WBCSD study on this topic. The project aims to demonstrate that growing business can occur simultaneously with sustainable business. CHEMICAL INDUSTRY The International Council for Chemical Associations reported on its preparations for the summit, which includes an industry report as part of the UNEP initiative, capacity building case studies and implementation of a number of programmes in partnership with supply chain stakeholders. The chemical industry's Responsible Care Initiative was presented and will be put forward as a key initiative in the lead up to the Summit. This initiative can be found at the following website: KEMI oil company in Finland is improving corporate environmental reporting. STEEL INDUSTRY USINOR, a steel company reported on work on sustainable buildings and the International and Steel Institute reported on the preparation of a sustainable steel plan, Case studies on energy efficiency are being undertaken in a number of countries. Other case studies include emerging entrepreneurs and environmental education.

ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY The Aluminium Institute reported on its global reporting and benchmarking initiative. Safety benchmarking and a global recycling committee are other initiatives being undertaken. SPORTING GOODS The World Federation of Sporting Goods has entered into partnerships with members on mechanism to improve working conditions in home stitching of soccer balls in developing countries. CONFEDERATION OF BRITISH INDUSTRIES Initiatives include: Integration of sustainable development in design decision making Promotion of health and safety in partnership with trade unions Benchmarking on site facilitation of health safety and environmental perforce Promotion of GHG emission trading Identification of issues for the summit agenda for advocacy with government FEDERATION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Projects include: ISO 14 001 speedometer Review of implementation of ISO 14 001 Ecomapping: Environmental situational analysis tool for SMME’s Case studies on public/private partnerships EUROPEAN ROUNDTABLE OF INDUSTRIALISTS Support regional environmental councils in Eastern Europe INDUSTRIAL ENVIRONMENTAL FORUM Collecting case studies from members.