How to comment on a graph ?

In order to identify the graph correctly, you must determine when it was designed, by ... the following table: Line Graph. Bar Graph. Scatter Diagram. Pie Chart.
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How to comment on a graph ? Step n°1 – Identifying the graph In order to identify the graph correctly, you must determine when it was designed, by who, why it was made for and you must be able to tell its exact nature by looking at the following table: Line Graph

Bar Graph

Scatter Diagram

Pie Chart

Age Pyramid

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Step n°2- Making a general description With the help of the vocabulary section, try to describe the main trends. It is important not to try to explain at first but to be sure to get the general tendencies at first. Example: From 1942 to 1952, the curve increases sharply than it reached a peak in 1953. Between 1953 and 1956, it dropped suddenly and fell to a low in 1957. It remained steady then until 1965.

Step n°3 – Looking into the details Once you have been able to describe coherently the overall aspects of the graph, you must go into the details and look for anomalies, potential inconsistencies, disruptions and fast changes. Example: In 1953, the British birth rate plunged and fell to a low whereas in the rest of the fifties, the same rate was quite high.

Step n°4 – Explaining When the description is completed, you might move on to the explanations and try to relate the elements of your description with your own knowledge or your course. Example: As we have seen before, the birth rate started to decrease in France in the mid-seventies. The development of family planning and the use of new contraceptives as well as a shift in mentalities might account for this trend.

Helpful vocabulary Prepositions Between 1995 and 2000 From 1995 to 2000 Movement : Down Fell Declined Dropped Decreased Sank Went down Movement : Up Rose Went up Increased Grew No movement Remained steady Were unchanged Stabilized

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Strong words Fell Shot up Rocketed Surged Plunged Adjectives Slightly A little A lot Suddenly Gradually Tops and bottoms Reached a peak Peaked Fell to a low Reached a bottom For an age pyramid Broad/narrow base/top Broad-based Narrow-topped Narrower/broader shape