Hello Autumn - aejjr

Hello Autumn, hello again. So glad to see you, my friend. Please come in and grab a seat. Get a bite and kick up your feet. Something warm or something cold.
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Hello Autumn By Lawrence Tan (JJR 69) Fall 2004

Hello Autumn, hello again So glad to see you, my friend Please come in and grab a seat Get a bite and kick up your feet Something warm or something cold Or you might want to try something bold? Here, with this glass of wine Let me toast this friendship of mine A bag of songs, a box of love Butterflies and a peace loving dove I saved them up thinking about you One for me, all for us two A ray of sun, a river breeze My heart races, my heart freezes A good kid, a hungry child My heart sinks, my heart goes wild Hello Autumn, hello my friend What have you done last year, tell me again A spoonful of love, a handful of sparkles A taste of honey, a short time of marvels You disappeared as suddenly as you came Left me bewildered, never knew your real name Where are you from, and what do you do Not that it matters as long as I can see you Now that you are here I forget all the tears This time, I swear I'll hold on to you tight I swear never again let you out of my sight Promise me that you'll stay a bit longer Don't let Winter Spring or Summer Come between us like the yesteryears Just the thought of which would bring me tears