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May 31, 2008 - ISO 4156 and therefore with BS 6186), british BS 3550, american ANSI B92 ... The software is protected by a key code for each standard.
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IMPORTANT The use of this software is subject to your acceptance of the conditions accessible from the first page displayed when launching the programme. It should not be copied or transferred to the benefit of any other company or people without the author’s permission. FOREWORD GSSPLINE has been designed to deal with splines per french standards NF E 22-141, NF E 22-144 (in compliance with ISO 4156 and therefore with BS 6186), british BS 3550, american ANSI B92 1-1996 and german DIN 5480. GSSPLINE determines quickly and accurately the dimensions and tolerances of the external and internal splines. In addition it provides the following options : -

drawing and printing of the spline section at the desired scale. when an application has been dealt with it is possible to record it for later recall.

USING GSSPLINE The software is protected by a key code for each standard. If you are in a trial period you have access to all functions of GSPLINE but only odd numbers of splines are accepted. GSSPLINE displays a first menu as follows : -

a new case : to be selected for a new application.


read an application modifications.


read an application without modifications : recall a recorded application without possibility of modifications.


delete an application.


save the file CAN….DAT : it is recommended to save periodically the file(s) containing the application records.


exit GSSPLINE : when an application has been dealt with, you will be asked whether you wish to record it for later recall.


modifications :








When necessary, help in line is available by clicking on the menu or button Help.

RECORDING Each time an application has been dealt with or modified GSSPLINE will ask if you wish to record. An application is identified by its reference (30 characters maximum), its number (8 characters maximum) and when required by its index (1 character). If omitted, they will be asked for before recording. When an application has been only modified, it is recorded with the same reference and number.

The files containing the records are : - CANW.dat for NF E 22-144. - CANW41.dat for NF E 22-141 - CanWBS.dat for BS 3550. - CanWANSI.dat for ANSI B92. - CanDIN.dat for DIN 5480. These files are located in a folder named GSREPER automatically created and opened when GSSPLINE is launched. READING A RECORDED APPLICATION A selection grid is displayed. The applications can be sorted by alphabetical references, or by increasing numbers or modules or diametral pitches. Each line shows the reference, number + index, number of splines and module or diametral pitch. When the option « without modifications » has been selected the dimensions are directly displayed. When the option “with modifications” has been selected the data page is displayed to allow data modifications. DRAWING THE SPLINE SECTION External GSSPLINE draws the section as generated by a rack or circular cutter. The fillet form is true and if existing undercutting is visible. Internal The fillet drawn is an arc of circle of same radius as specified for the basic rack. In both cases the reference pitch circle is drawn. Printing Enter the enlargement factor as desired.