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If you need more servers, simply load DS NVs onto new hardware free of charge ... Download DS NVs and ControlPoint free today, at DS NVs.
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FREE Software + FREE Licenses Equals Your No-Risk Path to IP Video

Order any Pelco IP camera and you’ll also receive DS NVs video management software for FREE – full featured, no time limits, and 4 FREE Pelco IP camera licenses. If your installation demands more than 4 cameras, or if you’re looking to integrate third-party cameras, simply order additional camera licenses. DS NVs can accommodate up to 64 cameras. If you need more servers, simply load DS NVs onto new hardware free of charge and view all systems through our easy-to-use ControlPoint client. With free VMS software, 4 free Pelco IP licenses, and full functionality it’s easy to see how Pelco sums up your perfect no-risk path to IP video.

DS NVs Video Management Software Solution

15 Minute Quick Setup with IP Camera Auto Discovery

ControlPoint Provides Seamless Integration to Pelco Systems

Remarkably Quick Setup With its wizard-driven utility and IP device auto-discovery, complete system installation and set-up can be achieved in less than 15 minutes.

Highly Intuitive ControlPoint Client Reduce your learning curve with the easy-to-use ControlPoint client and monitor multiple Digital Sentry® sites from the same intuitive interface. Seamlessly connect with Pelco DX DVRs and HVRs to benefit from today’s HD and megapixel camera offerings.

New LDAP Capabilities New functionality allows DS NVs to integrate with an existing Microsoft Active Directory or any LDAP-compatible service for improved user access management.

Affordable IP Migration Starts With DS NVs Risk-free entry, QuickSetup installation, intuitive operation, and the ability to leverage existing platforms make Digital Sentry® NVs the easy answer to your IP migration problems. • Quick to install

DS NVs is FREE with every Pelco IP camera

• Easy to use • Open platform • Four Free Pelco IP licenses, no base license fee • LDAP authentication

Try It For Yourself Download DS NVs and ControlPoint free today, at DS NVs with 4 FREE Pelco IP licenses is now included free with every Pelco IP camera, including all Sarix, Spectra and Camclosure network cameras.

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