Demoman and task updates

Sep 29, 2008 - Hadouken - HADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUKEN 1/1.
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Demoman and task updates Posted by The Pledge on Monday September 29 2008 @ 17:59 Hello once again, After a search which lasted for almost two weeks, we finally found our Demoman to replace Chewy. The guy we found best suitable for the spot is Bash, please welcome him to the squad Thanks to all the other trials who wanted to join Hadouken, good luck at finding another squad (some already did). With seven players in Hadouken right now, our squad in now complete. We will try to make it into the playoffs on etf2l, but since 4 clans dropped, it's hard to get there right now. Winning against FakkelBrigade will be a good step towards that spot. Wish us some luck

We updated the tasks a little as well. Basically, everything is done by myself from now on, like arranging wars, keeping the site up to date, and stopping shitfly from making lame jokes. Good luck to myself with all my new tasks

Well, that's about it for now. We're preparing for our upcoming matches with Bash now and let's hope we come out on top at the end of the long road. The Pledge Hadouken - HADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUKEN