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Jul 3, 2014 - THRILLERS. FRANCK THILLIEZ & LAURENT SCALESE Blood and Ink ..... When a mother lead her child to take the blame for her own crime ...
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GILLES LEGARDINIER A Sure Fire Thing, No More, I Promise!, Well Done!, Summer’s Lease, When We Were Men, Exile of Angels

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JULIEN HERVIEUX A Life at War CAMILLE-LAURE MARI Awakening JEAN-FRANÇOIS PRÉ Deadly August Tour de France 2013 Short Crime Novels Short Eroticas


CLAUDE IZNER Mysteries in Paris, Topsy Turvy FRANCK THILLIEZ [Angor], Syndrome [E], Bred to Kill, ATOM[KA], Puzzle, Darksider ÉRIC GIACOMETTI & JACQUES RAVENNE Antoine Marcas’ Freemason Investigations KARINE GIEBEL The Innocence of the Damned, The Shadow, The Hungry Dark, Satan was an Angel, Till Death Do Us Unite, Bloodhounds


HERVÉ COMMÈRE Guess the End, Ripples in Water, Catching your Death, The Second Man FRANÇOIS-XAVIER DILLARD Do it for Mummy, Child’s Play BARBARA ABEL Behind Hatred, Behind the Grief SOPHIE LOUBIÈRE The Stone Boy, Black Coffee FRÉDÉRIC DARD Noir Novels, San-Antonio

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FRANCK THILLIEZ & LAURENT SCALESE Blood and Ink MAXIME CHATTAM Carnage DAVID KHARA Dawn’s Remnants, An Eternal Night DAVID-JAMES KENNEDY The Avenging Sea PATRICK GRAHAM Those Places are Dead

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ANTOINE PAJE And He Spoke to Me of Cherry Trees, Dust and a Mountain

AGATHE COLOMBIER HOCHBERG Nothing Personal, Wild Holidays


FABRICE BOURLAND The Detectives of Strange JEAN-PIERRE ALAUX Crime & Monuments JEAN-LUC BIZIEN A Curious Psychiatrist BRIGITTE AUBERT The Cinematograph Detective VIVIANE MOORE The Headless Woman, Mysteries in 12th Century Europe


JÉRÉMIE GUEZ The Last Red Tiger JEAN-PIERRE RENOUARD My Stripes Were Earned in Hell JACQUES RAVENNE The Marquis de Sade’s Seven Lives



PIERRE LUNÈRE In the Guardian Angel’s Lodge JULIEN GOSSELIN, PIERRE MARTIN & JOHANN TRÜMMEL The List VIRGINIE DUMONT How Do You Fail At Raising Your Children? Smile, You Are Parenting a Teenager! OLIVIER MAGNY Stuff Parisians like, Into Wine The World Explained To Old Folks JEAN-MICHEL ESPITALLIER Fame




HUGUES DE QUEYSSAC The Black Knight and the White Lady SERGE BRUSSOLO The Archer’s Daughter, The Scarlet Shroud JULIETTE BENZONI Marianne, The Gerfaut in the Mist, Catherine

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Little Dictionaries Of Passions THIERRY MAILLET Marketing and its History ALEXANDRE MIDAL Design ERYCK DE RUBERCY The Wagner Controversy JEAN-PHILIPPE DOMECQ, A New Introduction to the Art of the 20th Century, What Speed Tells Us JEAN-MICHEL MAULPOIX Four Paths: Wanderings Through French Poetry FABRICE MIDAL Why Poetry? Introduction To Great Thinkers FRANÇOIS FÉDIER Time and the World – From Heidegger to Aristotle, Reading Plato DOMINIQUE SAATDJIAN Essential Texts of Charles Péguy CHRISTOPHE BOURSEILLER The False Messiahs FRANÇOISE SIMPÈRE The Art and Etiquette of Polyamory


JEAN-LOUS FETJAINE Guinevere, The Elf Chronicles MICHAEL MOORCOCK & FABRICE COLIN Elric: Soul Drinkers MICHEL ROBERT Darkness Agent, Slash 2



GILLES LEGARDINIER The man who knows how to combine humour and emotion like no one else. Over 1.7 Million copies sold in total

Sample English translation and Reader’s report available

A Sure Fire Thing 2 October 2014 Rights sold: Germany (Goldmann)

When all seems lost, maybe it’s time to figure out what’s really worth living?

When Marie is dumped by her boyfriend she swears never to trust another man neither in her private life nor at work. Sweet Marie is gone, from now on, Evil Marie is in charge. But one can’t completely change his/her nature. When she becomes staff representative, she’ll be the voice of men and women in her company, as everybody is going through troubled times. And when she receives letters from a secret admirer, she will use impossible schemes to find out who he is.

• A major French author who is able to make us laugh with serious

Well Done!

18 October 2012 Rights sold: Germany (Goldmann), Czech Republic (Domino), Poland (Sonia Draga), Russia (Sindbad), Turkey (Pegasus), Taiwan (Walkers Culture), Bulgaria (Hermes)

Film rights sold Four intertwined destinies under the same roof that will learn to settle in, get to know and eventually love each other.

Tired of a world that he no longer feels part of, Andrew Blake leaves the head of his small company in London to find a job as a butler in France. Upon his arrival at the Beauvillier Manor, he goes beyond simply reinventing himself. He who was looking for a new beginning will first have to get back in touch with his past.

“Simple stories, driven by short fast paced chapters and a great sense of humor, this is Gilles Legardinier’s remedy for the blues.” Lire

matters or to emphasize extraordinary events in everyday life.

No More, I Promise!

10 November 2011 Rights sold: Germany (Goldmann), Italy (Mondadory), Spain (Alfaguara), Czech Republic (Domino), Hungary (Park), Poland (Sonia Draga), Greece (Patakis), Russia (Sindbad), Turkey (Pegasus), China (Straits Multi-Media), Korea (Sweet Books), Taiwan (Walkers Culture), Vietnam (Nha Nam), Bulgaria (Hermes), Latvia (Zvaigzne), Lithuania (Alma Littera) Film rights sold

The fabulous destiny of Julie, desperately romantic and utterly clumsy. What is the stupidest thing you have ever done in your life? After getting her hand stuck in her mysterious neighbour’s mailbox, Julie swore that she would quit acting crazy but she is about to do much worse trying to get closer to this man…

“It is impossible to resist the extravagance and charm of this literary Amelie Poulain!” Aujourd’hui en France

“More than a book, this novel is a cure for melancholy, a shot of humor, fantasy and tenderness that opens up the door to happiness.” Carrefour Savoirs


“A jubilatory comedy.” RTL

Summer’s Lease

10 October 2013 Rights sold: Turkey (Pegasus), Taiwan (Walkers Culture)


Camille, Lea, Axel, Leo and the gang have known each other since kindergarten. A few months before graduation they are each wondering which path to take… They don’t know that by summer their destinies will change. Supported by those close to them and their teachers they will face illness, incertitude and illusions while at the same time recognizing the value of friendship, love and pushing oneself to the limit.

“A positive novel with a taste of the Elixir of Youth.” Carrefour Savoirs Gilles Legardinier has already published several novels including adaptations,

children’s books and thrillers which have been awarded many times (see page 6).




GILLES LEGARDINIER When We Were Men Nearly 65,000 copies sold

When Alzheimer’s disease threatens mankind.

"When We Were Men is about a world that could soon be ours - after reading it we are moved, with the feeling of having received a humanity lesson." Le Magazine des Livres



Claude Izner is the pen name of two sisters, Liliane Korb and Laurence Lefèvre, who are both second-hand booksellers along the Seine.

MYSTERIES IN PARIS 12 titles available

Over 800,000 copies sold in France English translations available Rights sold: US (St Martin’s Press), UK (Gallic Books), Italy (Nord/TEA), Germany (Pendo), Russia (AST/Astrel), Sweden (Kabusa Böcker), Brasil (Nemo)

Each investigation is set in a famous place of Paris.

Paris, at the end of the 19th Century. Victor Legris is in his 30’s and works as a bookseller. He regularly finds himself confronted with mysteries and that’s good luck because he loves acting as a detective. Embark with the author Claude Izner on an unusual walk across the Capital of Lights.

Exile of Angels

15 January 2009 Sample English translation available Rights sold: Portugal (Europa America), Russia/Ukraine (Family Leisure Club)

Nearly 65,000 copies sold

SNCF French Thriller Award in 2010 When memory is stronger than death...

• The author succeeds in combining action, original situations, diabolically orchestrated developments and philosophical reflections.

“An exciting novel that stays with you long after finishing it: it is impossible not to recontemplate the brilliantly constructed intrigue.”

By the same author:

Topsy Turvy 21 February 2013 Paris, 1998. A bookseller has been killed in his shop. The only clues to be found by the corpse are two Jules Verne’s original editions that have been mangled. Milo Jassy, bouquiniste along the Seine, must solve the case for he might become a victim himself...

Le Magazine des Livres

See Gilles Legardinier on page 4/5.






Franck Thilliez is the author of a dozen successful thrillers including La Chambre des morts, awarded the Quai du Polar Reader’s Prize in 2006 and the SNCF French Thriller Award in 2007.



Over 1.8 Million copies sold


3 October 2013 Sample English translation and Reader’s report available Rights sold: Russia (Atticus), Spain (Destino)

Rights sold: US (Penguin), Spain (Destino), Spain Catalan (Columna), Italy (Nord), Germany (Goldmann), The Netherlands (Sijthoff), Brazil (Intrinseca), Russia (Atticus), Taiwan (Solo Press), Portugal (Sextante), Turkey (Pegasus), Japan (Hayakawa), China (Hachette Phoenix), Slovakia (Artforum), Hungary (Gabo), Korea (Eunhaeng Namu) Film rights sold to Indian Paintbrush/Paramount

Over 125,000 copies sold

First rule: Nothing you’re about to live is true. This is a game. Second rule: One of you will die.

[Angor] 9 October 2014 Reader’s report available

Action, extreme tension, moral dilemma, hidden secrets, ambiguous characters, unexpected developments, and amazing twist… A favorite for the genre’s lovers.

Can the memories of a donor be transmitted to the recipient of an organ transplant?

Camille Thibault is a young policewoman who had a heart transplant and dreams of a woman who seems to call to her for help. Since she rejects the transplant and knows she is going to die, she has only one obsession: to find out who gave her the heart and what horror the donor has gone through. In the meantime, Franck Sharko and Lucie Henebelle are embracing life again as they are the happy parents of twin boys. Franck is called to investigate on a blind woman after she spent a long time underground. On every lead Franck follows, he discovers that another police officer from the North is two steps ahead of him…

Puzzle has been introduced as a serial in the daily newspaper “Les Echos” from 8th July to 4th September 2013.

“With hellish settings, among which a closed down psychiatric asylum, characters manipulated like puppets, Franck Thilliez has all the key to a great suspense. And all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly.” Aujourd’hui en France

• Crossed investigations move in and out of each other and new characters almost steal the show from Sharko & Henebelle! • Another fascinating scientific topic: cell memory.

Darksider 13 October 2011 Sample English translation available Rights sold: China (Beijing Booky), Korea (Eunhaeng Namu), Turkey (Pegasus), Russia (Atticus) Film rights sold

Nearly 195,000 copies sold

Some secrets are shameful. But would you be willing to die to keep them hidden?

Syndrome [E] Bred to Kill


14 October 2010 English translation available

14 April 2011 English translation available

Can violence be triggered at will?

Evolution is an exception. Extinction is a rule.

Three men wake up at the bottom of an abyss. One is chained at the wrist, the second is chained at the ankle and the third is free but his head is covered by a horrible mask that will explode if he moves away from the others. How far will they have to go to survive?


11 October 2012 Reader’s report available

“A huis-clos that is both stuffy and chilling at the same time.”

There is a frontier between the moment when life ends and death begins. Some have been there…

Ici Paris


9 00



ÉRIC GIACOMETTI & JACQUES RAVENNE Jacques Ravenne is the pseudonym of a high-ranking Freemason with intimate knowledge of the history and culture of the Order. Éric Giacometti is an investigative journalist who has reported extensively on Freemasonic mores.


A series of 9 suspenseful thrillers that introduce the reader to the secrets of Freemasonry and offer an enlightening historical parallel to modern investigations. Rights sold: Brazil (Objetiva), Bulgaria (Millenium), Czech Republic (Dobrovsky), Denmark (Cicero), Germany (Rowohlt), Hungary (IPC), Italy (Newton Compton), Japan (Kodansha), The Netherlands (De Boekerij), Norway (Cappelen Damm), Portugal (Europa America), Russia (Veche), Spain (Random House Mondadori), Turkey (Pegasus), Poland (Publicat), US (The French Book)

“Two new big shots in thrillers.”

Volume 9.

The Illuminati’s Reign 12 June 2014

Nearly 100,000 copies sold Freemason detective Antoine Marcas faces a secret society that claims to come from the Illuminati.

Marcas has to trace a conspiration whose roots can be found in the French Revolution and that has crossed time and places to the Silicon Valley. He would have to find out what is right and what is wrong and escape the trap of conspiracy theories.

“A new investigation even more enthralling than the previous ones, instilling doubt (and fear) about a possible manipulation of masses by technological excesses.” Le Point

Le Point

Volume 7: The Seventh Templar Volume 8: The Black Temple

Over 485,000 copies sold A Freemason detective on the tracks of Templars.

Antoine Marcas is set on the tracks of the Templars long lost treasure and will have to solve the ultimate mystery of the Templars. From Paris to London the chase can begin.

“Between the cascade of entertainment and the unique revelations, The Seventh Templar is sure to appeal to a large audience.” Lire

“An authentic, exciting, esoteric thriller that mixes History, imagination and current affairs, signed by 2 bestselling authors.” Figaro Magazine

“660 extremely efficient pages.” Les Echos






Satan was an Angel

Karine Giébel was born in 1971. Her first novel, Terminus Elicius (La Vie du rail, 2004) won the Marseille Detective

Novel Award in 2005. It was followed by Meurtres pour Rédemption (republished by Fleuve Noir in 2010).

The Innocence of the Damned

5 May 2012 Sample English translation and Reader’s report available Rights sold: Poland (Sonia Draga), Korea (Balgeunsesang), Turkey (Pegasus)

Over 75,000 copies sold Beat at their own game.

After spending many years in jail, Raphaël is released and soon leads his younger brother to a jewellery heist on Place Vendôme. But the initial plan goes wrong and William is seriously injured. The fugitives end up in an isolated farm where Sandra, a vet, is taken hostage and forced to cure William. But the boys ignore that they are in the Devil’s House. From predators, they’ll soon become targets of a pitiless monster.

“In this oppressive and closed environment, the author gives life to complex, even inhuman characters that she refuses to condemn, the reader is the only judge. We finish the book exhausted and seriously shaken up.”

13 November 2014 Reader’s report available

Two lost souls on a bloody road-trip which could lead to atonement.

François has a successful life until he is diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour. Unable to face the reality of his life and the reaction of his too few beloved ones, he drives his car aimlessly. On the road, he takes on Paul, a 20-year-old hitchhiker. Neither of them have a precise destination, they only want to flee but none of them know what his other fellow traveller wants to escape from. When Paul’s troubled past resurfaces, the two men, as friends or as father and son, head on to the only outcome possible: death or redemption. • A masculine Thelma & Louise • An homage to classical gangster novels.

Version Femina

The Shadow

8 March 2012 Sample English translation and Reader’s report available Rights sold: Germany (Berlin Verlag), Poland (Sonia Draga), Korea (Balgeunsesang), Turkey (Pegasus)

Cognac & Marseille Detective Novel Award 2012 Over 170,000 copies sold The perfect crime exists. It is deceitful, it takes its time and, most of all, it doesn’t appear to anyone… but the victim.

Till Death Do Us Unite

12 November 2009 Sample English translation available The mountain won’t hide their crimes much longer...

“SUCCESS!! Relentless plot line coupled with a fascinating portrait of a woman.” Metro

The Hungry Dark

8 November 2007 Sample English translation and Reader’s Report available Rights sold: Germany (Berlin Verlag), Italy (BUR), Spain (Circulo de Lectores), The Netherlands (The House of Books), Ukraine/Russia (Family Leisure Club), Korea (Balgeunsesang)



SNCF French Thriller Award in 2009 Cognac & Frontignan Detective Novel Award 2008

Rights sold: The Netherlands (The House of Books), Turkey (Pegasus)

A trapped man. A woman thirsty for revenge. An oppressive plot behind closed doors.

Two human beings become the game of an extraordinary hunt... a manhunt…

13 November 2008





“A beautiful noir novel.” Point de vue

“A thriller orchestrated like a symphony, in which Hervé Commère delivers the pieces of pain, hunger, friendship and life.”


Hervé Commère was born in Rouen. He is the author of four suspense novels and now lives in Paris.

François-Xavier Dillard was born in 1971. He is the author

Guess the End

Do it for Mummy

12 June 2014

13 March 2014 Sample English translation and Reader’s report available

«Everyone wants to be a piece of a puzzle, not the best nor the most beautiful, just a piece; fitting into the puzzle, that’s what we all are looking for, and when we do, we feel good and strong, or at least alive.»

When a mother lead her child to take the blame for her own crime, what kind of grown-up could he become?

Guess the End follows four individuals who try to do their best to fulfill their dreams or relive the past. They think they are making choices but they are mistaken and their lives finally take shape despite themselves. The four characters’ destiny will eventually become intertwined, and marked by revenge, love, friendship, fear, hope and... Rock n’Roll!

of two suspense novels.

Early 70’s, Sébastien lives with his mother and teenage sister. One argument too many and his sister is sent to a psychiatrist hospital and his mother to prison. Years later, Sébastien leads a normal life as a doctor, raising his two daughters after the tragic death of his wife. The seemingly perfect life shatters when children patients of Sébastien die, and fears from the past thus resurface.

“A 100% French thriller which restores the prestige of the genre with a gripping story depicting, through the viewpoints of different characters, present lives haunted by a past tragedy, until the shocking finale!”

Ripples in Water

Madame Figaro

10 March 2011 Sample English translation and Reader’s report available

Marseille Detective Novel Award 2011

Trends in Riviera

Ocean’s Eleven meets Usual Suspects

Two stories, two pieces of a real-life jigsaw that are just waiting to be put together… to the misfortune of all.

Child’s Play

Catching Your Death

12 January 2012

8 November 2012

Story of an expected half-assed robbery.

A modern Arsène Lupin.

Paul Serinen has just achieved a master stroke and the loot has been safely hidden under his new veranda. Some years later, there are new inhabitants in his house in Etretat.  But the past is not supposed to remain buried... Also available

The Second Man

11 October 2012 Sample English translation and Reader’s report available Rights sold: China (Beijing Books)

A man, a woman, a dark love story.

A simple, almost classic love story until the man comes across a photo of him and his wife. Only it is not him on the photo, but a man who looks exactly like him. 14

A luxury jeweler hires Emma, struggling PhD student, to convoy its collection in her backpack to the photographer. A simple and juicy steal for Momo and a sure way to get promoted for police captain Marc who’s got wind of Momo’s plan. Although sometimes just one hitch is enough to bring everything to a grinding halt...

“A fast paced first thriller from a promising new author.” Le Point






Barbara Abel is a renowned author of thrillers formerly

Author of five novels, detective short stories and a children’s book, Sophie Loubière also made a name for herself in the publishing community thanks to a unique literary program (Parking at Night, France Inter) and her reviews at France Info (Thriller Info).

published at Editions du Masque. She is also the author of two comedies Le Bonheur sur Ordonnance and La Brûlure du chocolat.

The Stone Boy

14 April 2011 English translation and Reader's report available Rights sold: US (Grand Central), UK (Sphere)

• The cocoon-like atmosphere in protected suburbs,

where the pace is easy, serves as a backdrop to tragic stories where madness and the evil flourish. We suffocate in the open ! • In her thrillers, Barbara Abel tells the story of everyday people who are flung into a daily hell from one moment to the next.

Over 60,000 copies sold A Hitchcockian suspense.

Madame Préau feels that something isn’t right with her neighbours. They have two perfectly healthy children, but a third one appears from time to time and seems to be calling in for help by throwing pebbles at her window. The police refuse to listen.

Behind Hatred

12 April 2012 Sample English translation and Reader’s report available Film rights sold

“The Stone Boy is an absorbing psychological thriller.”

The ennemy next door.

On one side there is Tiphaine, Sylvain and Maxime, and on the other there is Laetitia, David and Milo. When Laetitia witnesses a tragic accident which takes the life of little Maxime, she spirals into a dangerous paranoia: is it just a figment of imagination or her neighbour has become her worst enemy?

The Times

“This novel demonstrates that with such writers as Loubière, Fred Vargas and Pierre Lemaitre, French noir is in the ascendant.” Financial Times

“If you like “Desperate Housewives”, you will like Derrière la Haine”. Elle


Behind the Grief 14 November 2013 Reader’s report available

Tiphaine and Sylvain have lived together for almost 20 years. Today their couple is struggling and raising their 15 year old son Milo isn’t making things any easier. A classic situation except that Milo is the son of their ex-neighbours who committed suicide 8 years before and was the best friend of their son Maxime who died suddenly at the age of 7. The day a new neighbour and her little boy move into the townhouse next door, the past resurfaces…

“A plot behind closed doors, characters close to us, Barbara Abel delivers a chilling story as it looks so real.”

Also available

Black Coffee

14 February 2013 Sample English translation Reader’s report available A serial killer whose confessions have been transcribed, a vanished husband, a man haunted by his past and a woman desperate to reunite her family. A breathless tracking game along Road 66.

“Through a well constructed investigation two destinies, that of Desmond and of Lola, unfold and intersect along the mythic Route 66.” L’Amour des Livres

Point de vue







Frédéric Dard (1921-2000) wrote a great number of works, using either his own name or that of one of his numerous aliases – especially San-Antonio, with a total of over 220 million copies sold.

Laurent Scalese wrote Le Baiser de Jason, Le Sang de la

mariée, La Cicatrice du diable (Éditions Belfond). See Franck Thilliez on page 8/9.

Blood and Ink

Noir Novels

6 June 2013

29 titles available • Genre : Psychological Suspense • Recurrent Characters : Dual and captivating femmes fatales / Men mistreated by life • Recurrent Topic : Manipulation • Tone : Dark, even desperate

An author has been betrayed by his publisher. Will his sole imagination allow him to rewrite history?

SAN-ANTONIO Rights sold: Italy (E/O), Romania (Univers) A series of 175 noir novels published from 1949 to 2001 written by Frédéric Dard under the pen-name San-Antonio, that is also the name of the main character, a bon-vivant and seductive police chief who tells his investigations. It has become cult thanks to a specific universe and language.

MAXIME CHATTAM Maxime Chattam published a trilogy (Michel Lafon) followed by “Le Cycle de la vérité” and his new series “Autre-monde” (Albin Michel). Pocket publishes all of Maxime Chattam’s works in paperback.


12 May 2010 Rights sold: UK (Gallic Books), Russia (Ripol) A high-school student shoots his classmates: a tragic and isolated event in New York… that is multiplying.

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Volume 1 : Dawn’s Remnants Volume 2 : An Eternal Light

15 May 2014 Sample English translation and Reader’s report available

Those Places are Dead

A surprising duo.

A neuropsychiatrist whose only link to his kidnapped daughter lies in a patient in a coma: is he prepared to go beyond the dead places of her conscience?

Barry Donovan, a NYPD officer, is tormented since his wife and daughter died in the 09/11 attacks. Werner von Lowinsky has been a vampire since the American Civil War and leads a solitary life. These two lonely people will eventually become friends and succesfully team up to investigate.

Eric Searl is a doctor specialized in helping people in a coma. Shaken by the death of his wife, he has devoted his time to his patients instead of his family. On Christmas break, he stays in Los Angeles instead of going with Rebecca, his new partner, and his three children to their recluse house in the Rockies, where he is supposed to come later. On their way up, Rebecca takes a young hitchhiker, Liam, who turns out to be a psychopath. He leaves Rebecca and Searl’s two eldest children on the verge of death and kidnaps Kirsten, the youngest. Eager to reunite his family, Searl will have to become the hero or the plaything of a story that escapes him.

• Modern thrillers tinged with fantastic and gothic atmosphere. • An unexpected friendship between two utterly different characters who have both been confronted with loss and pain et non confronted to loss and pain.

“Beyond a fast-paced thriller, David Khara depicts with humour and tenderness the meeting of two men separated by centuries but joined together by the loss of a loved one. Surprising.” Métronews

“This novel updates the genre. Never have the adventures of Dracula’s descendants been more exciting.” Point de Vue

David Khara a former journalist, high level athlete and CEO, is now a full-time writer. He is the author of the acclaimed trilogy : Le Projet Bleiberg, Morgenstern and Shiro (Editions Critic).

• Beautifully


9 January 2014 Sample English translation and Reader’s report available

A former monastery, now a military hospital on the Basque Coast, a roaring storm, people going missing and a curse... A bewitching atmosphere! Jean-Christophe d’Orgeix, an intern, finds out that one of his patients has been attacked within the hospital. He goes after the aggressor and will never be seen again. Tom, another intern, investigates alongside the police and discovers that other people have disappeared in the hospital - among which another intern, seven years earlier, who bears a strong resemblance to Jean-Christophe...

Patrick Graham is the author of several thrillers, among which L’Évangile selon Satan, L’Apocalypse selon Marie whose rights have been sold in nine countries.

written, sizzling with tension and containing a host of troubled, extremely well drawn characters…. Fleuve Noir is delighted to welcome a great author! • An exciting thriller, in which the terrified reader shivers with anticipation as much as he/she is horrified by some striking scenes in the vein of Thomas Harris. • A novel that also follows the rules of noir fiction, as the main character has to face his own inner darkness.

“To those who have never read Patrick Graham, do start, it’s addictive.” Le Point

“An efficient first thriller.” Madame Figaro

David-James Kennedy was born in 1969. He is a chemist in the Northern France. Ressacs is his first novel, sponsored by Franck Thilliez. 20






Antoine Paje managed a business and worked abroad for several years until he realized that he wasn’t happy. This is how he decided to learn to get to know himself.

Agathe Colombier Hochberg writes successful novels dedicated to urban women and families confronted with modern concerns.

Nothing personal

And He Spoke to Me of Cherry Trees, Dust and a Mountain

9 January 2014 Sample English translation and Reader’s report available

Can a mother be loved only through her movies and magazines?

When Elsa suggests to her publisher to write a biography of the elusive actress Vera Miller, he founds the idea brillant. But he doesn’t know that Elsa has an ulterior motive: Vera Miller is actually her mother who abandoned her to dedicate herself to her carreer. Now a mother herself, Elsa needs to learn more about her mother and her family to understand where she comes from.

2 January 2014 Reader’s report available

Nearly 25,000 copies sold One may need a whole life to learn how to walk. Paul Lamarche thought he was living the life he had always wanted until the moment he is arrested for a rather surprising incident while on a festive tour of the USA. There he meets someone who will set him on a new course of life. Back in France, he will meet two other people who will eventually provoke a total change in him and liberate for good all the fears that had hindered his existence.

• A novel that explores the importance of family ties

and roots, and the complex nature of love and sacrifice. • A multilayered and human exploration of a difficult, unusual relationship between a mother and her daughter.

“A novel full of humour on the serious subject of a failing maternal love.” Madame Figaro

“This year’s surprise.” France 5

• A novel, a tale of initiation, a modern

parable, along the same line as Laurent Gounelle, Matthieu Ricard and Elizabeth Gilbert. • “There are more things to alarm us than to harm us.” Seneca

Also available

WILD HOLIDAYS These disastrous holidays that we tend to remember forever…

CEO, happily remarried, Geraldine juggles her professional and family life with surprising facility. But even the best organised summer holiday could turn into a nightmare and this is Geraldine’s tribe gift!

• Brilliant

comedies on how people show their true colours and come closer during disastrous holidays.








Fabrice Bourland is a great admirer of Edgar Allan Poe, Jean Ray, Robert Louis Stevenson and E.T.A. Hoffmann.

15 November 2012 Sample English translation and Reader’s report available You are sleeping. You wake up in your house with your wife and your two children. It is certainly your house, and yet… Something has changed. The era!

Welcome to Timeville!

• Did you like Replay? Are you a fan

of Back to the Future? If so, you’ll love Timeville. • Through the wacky, amusing and moving adventures of an ordinary family, Tim Sliders accurately addresses core values.

THE DETECTIVES OF STRANGE Nearly 50,000 copies sold English translations available Rights sold: UK (Gallic Books) 4 volumes available + 1 Novella

A pair of heroes that tends to remind us of the most famous detectives of all times in a series of extraordinary investigations in which supernatural mixes with real life.

“It’s as if you’re reading an Edgar Allan Poe corrected by Conan Doyle; or the other way around.” Point de Vue

“A sort of Back to the Future as a novel. Highly entertaining.” Maxi

“[This book] is remarkably using situation comedy and is a real feel-good book.” Avantages

JEAN-PIERRE ALAUX Previously in radio and television, Jean-Pierre Alaux is the co-author of an oenodetective series, “Le sang de la Vigne” (Éditions Fayard), which has become a major TV show in France.

CRIME & MONUMENTS Don’t tell anyone but Tim Sliders is a famous author and scriptwriter whose real name cannot be revealed…

Join Séraphin Cantarel for a tour of France’s most beautiful monuments (Albi, Cordouan lighthouse, Reims Cathedral, Mont Saint-Michel) on the trail of antique looters, villainous gravediggers and other dubious auctioneers! 4 volumes

“A series of investigations with France’s most beautiful monuments as a background.” La Dépêche du Midi







Jean-Luc Bizien used to be a teacher. He published numerous children’s and adults’ books.

Of Irish-Italian origin, Viviane Moore is completely French, despite her name. Her first novels were published in 1997, to immediate success.

The Headless Woman


6 February 2014 Paris, 1581. Jean de Moncel, a young policeman, looks for a prostitute killer. The corpse of a headless woman leads him to Théophraste Le Noir, a doctor working on the alchemic secret of Life with his daughter Sybille. Thanks to the investigation, the young woman will be able to leave the house that she hasn’t left since the SaintBartholomew’s Day Massacre.

This is how profiling started…

A Sherlock Holmes specialist in psychology and his dauntless assistant form a daring duo who reminds us of "The Avengers" series.

"With an unyielding plot that is as sharp as a knife, Jean-Luc Bizien tells a fast-paced story about the pursuit of a criminal mastermind."

“A fascinating thriller with the wars of religion as a backdrop.”

Dauphiné Libéré

Page des libraries

3 volumes available

BRIGITTE AUBERT Brigitte Aubert works as a program planner for the cinema and

has published fifteen or so thrillers (Le Seuil), as well as detective novels for young adults.

THE CINEMATOGRAPH DETECTIVE This series covers the years 1890 to 1900 and the highly original plots are based on the cinema, the opium of the decade that totally remodeled the 20th Century’s imaginary.

“Orchestrating unstoppable suspense and skillfully manipulating the art of the cliffhanger and the unexpected, Brigitte Aubert has begun a promising series.” Ciné Live

MYSTERIES IN 12TH CENTURY EUROPE Over 195,000 copies sold 7 volumes available

Between stories and legends, mysteries and investigations, violence and passion, Viviane Moore’s cycle is a real hymn to Adventure.

“A story fulled with an irrestible energy. An endearing character who will keep the readers enthralled.” 5 volumes available 26

L’Humanité Hebdo


> HISTORY / 50’S




3 March 2014

Cross of War 39-45.

The Last Red Tiger

Jean-Pierre Renouard was born in 1922. He received the Legion of Honour, the Medal of the Resistance and the

Historical Crime Historia Award 2014. A soldier on the track of a dissident fighting with the Viet Minh. March 1946. French troops are sent to South-East Asia to regain control of this part of the world. Dispirited after the death of his wife, Charles Bareuil enrolls in the French Foreign Legion to serve in Indochina. This war will become personal when Charles decides to investigate on an Occidental sniper nicknamed «The Red Tiger» who seems to have moved over the ennemy’s side but who has decided to protect him.

My Stripes Were Earned in Hell 6 November 2008 English translation available Rights sold: US (Rowman & Littlefield)

A powerful testimony of undeniable greatness.

May 1944. As the Landing approaches, Jean-Pierre Renouard enters into the unimaginable hell of Nazi concentration camps.

“With vivid prose and striking details, Renouard renders scenes like a master storyteller.” Publishers Weekly

A story of friendship, love and betrayal with the Indochina war in the background • A novel in the vein of Apocalyspe Now and Enemy at the Gates.

“An unexpected novel that you cannot put down until the end.” Page des libraries

“Renouard writes in a curiously detached, almost passionless manner, when one might expect a scream of rage. Yet, the sheer power of his experiences makes for a moving chronicle.” Booklist

“Fascinating and well documented.” Livres Hebdo

Jérémie Guez is 25 and lives in Paris. Le Dernier Tigre Rouge is

his fourth novel after Du Vide plein les Yeux, Paris la Nuit and Balancé dans les Cordes (awarded the Prix SNCF du Polar 2013).







The Marquis de Sade’s Seven Lives 9 January 2014

Sade as never seen before… Who really knows the true story of the Marquis de Sade? Only one man, Joseph Fouché, the Minister of Police. He will reveal to the Marquis’ eldest son the whole story of Sade and his seven lives: a libertine under Louis XV, a prisoner under Louis XVI, a politician during the French Revolution, a writer during the Directory, a madman during the Empire era, Sade was also a lover madly loved in return. As for his seventh life, it’s yet to be discovered….

• Everybody knows the Marquis

de Sade’s infamous reputation but who knows about his life? This fictionalized biography will give you all the details. • Jacques Ravenne recreates with brio the trouble times around the French Revolution.

Hugues de Queyssac teaches management and corporate finance in a prestigious Parisian university.

THE BLACK KNIGHT AND THE WHITE LADY 8 November 2012 “In the middle of winter in the year of Our Lord 1345, I glimpsed in a dream a fairy so unforgettably beautiful that I decided to go on a quest for her. In my great naivety I dreamt of love, courtesy, bravery and chivalry but my journey is to be wrought with felony, crimes, treachery and blood.”

“The author took the time to immerse himself in the immense history and language of the Occitan to better forget and reinvent them with a spontaneity and vigor of language that makes up the charm, fluidity and originality of his book. To be followed.” Historia

“A detailed, entertaining, fictionalized and well documented biography.” Midi Libre

SERGE BRUSSOLO Jacques Ravenne is the pseudonym of a high-ranking Freemason with intimate knowledge of the history of and culture of the Order. He is, together with Eric Giacometti, the author of the Antoine Marcas’ Freemason Investigations series whose rights have been sold in 16 countries (see p.10 & 11)

The Archer’s Daughter The Scarlet Shroud

During the Hundred Year’s War, a clan of carnies will stop at nothing to survive, not even using a cursed gift.

Serge Brussolo was born in 1951 and is a prolific writer. Gifted with a surprising imagination, he is considered by the critics to be an exceptional storyteller and the best in his genre, somewhere between Stephen King and Mary Higgins Clark. 30






Juliette Benzoni was born in Paris. Fervent Alexandre Dumas reader, she began her own career as a novelist in 1964 with the Catherine series that has been translated into 22 languages. She has since written almost 60 novels. The Catherine series, The Florentines, The Gerfaut and Marianne have been made into televised versions.

A blog and a digital series on WWI.


• Seen through the eyes of the female characters, History (from the Middle Ages to the

Antoine Drouot is 24 in 1914. He starts a diary in which he writes down his, his family’s and friends’ everyday life.

• One of France’s most read authors, Juliette Benzoni has captured 50 million readers in

• The first weekly episode was published on 3rd july 2014 and the series will last until 25th December but could last…4 years

thirties) is brought back to life through these fast paced adventures fueled with passion. over 22 countries.



The prodigious life of Marianne d’Asselnat de Villeneuve begins in England, at her aunt’s place, who has taken her in after her parents were guillotined during the Reign of Terror. Her adolescence suddenly ends the day that she marries the handsome Francis Cranmere, whom she had secretly been eyeing for a long time. After a terrifying wedding night Marianne must flee and return to France where a man whom she had been taught to hate day after day is the ruler: Napoleon.


The first digital and apocalyptic series published in real time!

Martin Hurston is a doctor and researcher in neuropsychiatry. He wakes up from a coma whose real causes are unclear and consequences huge and disturbing. Is he an Awake? But who are the Awakes exactly?

5 volumes available

• 21 episodes were posted (without DRM) from 1st to 21st December 2012, rumored date for the end of the world.

THE GERFAUT IN THE MIST Gilles Goello, bastard destined for priesthood, escapes from university in Vannes after meeting a young poor aristocrat named Judith who gives him three years to become worthy of her. One year later, he embarks for America, to join Lafayette’s troops and becomes a war hero. Gilles thus discovers the power he has over women and how much he needs them, especially after the passion that Site, a beautiful Native American woman, incites in him. 4 volumes available

Camille-Laure Mari is 23, she’s an Arts student. She has won a writing contest organised with the website WeLoveWords.


Jean-Francois Pré invites you to Deauville, Paris-Plage, La Baule, Biarritz and Nice to investigate with a retired commissioner who only dreams of holiday.

• Each Thursday in August 2013, 12-21 readers made a gruesome discovery in a pleasant environment.

CATHERINE Amidst the 100 year war, Catherine Legoix is desperately in love with the noble Arnaud de Montsalvy, but Phillipe le Bon, Duke of Burgundy, is courting her with his desire. After marrying the Duke’s silver cleaner, Catherine’s destiny seems sealed. However, as she becomes a victim of her own destiny, Catherine blindly follows her dream of love. 6 volumes available







To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Tour de France, 12-21 has put 5 detective stories on line based on the tour, the quintessential sporting event of the summer.

May My Injury Be Fatal by Jean-Bernard Pouy An Inescapable Smile by Gilles Legardinier The Tour from Father to Son by Benoît Séverac Deathbone Kneecaps by Jean-Marc Souvira One Last Tour by Franck Thilliez

According to the «Six Degrees of Separation» theory, Sébastien Gendron, born in 1970, is one handshake away from George Clooney, and thus only two handshakes away from Barack Obama.

Selective Recycling 6 February 2014

Discount Contract Killer.

After spending several years as a hit man, Dick Lapelouse decides to start working in the discount industry. He offers a complete catalogue at reduced prices for his assassination skills to anyone who feels threatened by any number of hassles: judicial officer, neighbour, violent husband, insensitive mistress, etc…

“By writing a book that brilliantly uses the codes of the genre while at the same time bringing a true touch of novelty, Sébastien Gendron may just be a very promising young author.” Evene

SHORT CRIME NOVELS A hundred noir novellas.

Most of the texts by Sophie Loubière have been broadcasted during the author’s radio program on France Inter. Those by Gérard Moss are original titles.

“Fantastic, funny, quirky, ominous: Selective Recycling conceals a fierce critic of his contemporaries. The author has hit the target: his shot is precise and powerful, and his cartridge is full of irony and explosive humor.” Moisson Noir

NICOLAS ANCION Nicolas Ancion was born in 1971. He recreates the world in his stories whether they are novels, short stories, poems, serial stories for newspapers or radio. He has been awarded many times in Belgium and France as well.

The 35 Billion Dollar Man 6 October 2011

WANTED: Lakshmi Mittal disappeared!

SHORT EROTICAS A series dedicated to sexy breaks.

Very short (4,500 characters) to short (up to 40,000 characters), these 27 easy-toread and easy-to-access short stories are declined in different colors depending on the erotic content : 1 - Sweet Pleasures 2 - Spicy Pleasures 3 - Hot Pleasures


Following his motto “The world is silly, be crazy!” Nicolas Ancion describes with a great sense of humour the foolish and desperate adventure of two men who have decided to act their own way against a steel plant closing down.

• Not only a novel about a subject that is highly topical

at the moment, but also a funny and original detective novel. • A tour of theatrical performances and readings in Belgium and France are progressing. • The Legendary Belgian quirky humour featured in this title and the others by the same author: We Are All Playmobils, Bears Don’t Mind Parking, Fourth Floor, Writer Looking for a Concierge Opening.






In the Guardian Angel’s Lodge 9 January 2014

If your building manager is always right with weather forecasts, be careful for he might be a fortune teller! Pierre Lunère, under a pen name, is describing his own life.

JULIEN GOSSELIN, PIERRE MARTIN & JOHANN TRÜMMEL Julien, Pierre and Johann created a blog in 2011. They also have their own column in a trendy cultural magazine and they now have their own book.

Stuff Parisians like

4 November 2010 English translation available Rights sold: Taiwan (My House Publishing)

Nearly 70,000 copies sold

This book describes like no other what truly makes Parisian life so unique thanks to a collection of short anecdotes. Olivier Magny is a real Parisian: he was born and raised in the City of Lights and shares here his spot-on analyses and priceless insights about his city. And he does all that with great humor and wit. So if you want to know Paris as it is, understand things beyond clichés, learn the tricks and phrases that will make you blend in and have a good laugh all at the same time - this might just be the book for you.

“Hilariously perceptive.” New York Magazine “Indispensable and irresistible.”

Le Point

The List 8 November 2012

Who has never imagined the life of passers-by while sitting on the terrace of a café?

“The ultimate politically incorrect book.” Avantages “A dictionary that is badly funny.” Métro

VIRGINIE DUMONT How Do You Fail At Virginie Dumont Psychologist and author, is currently head teacher in a prevention association.

Raising Your Children? 10 February 2011 Rights sold: Russia (Sindbad)

A survival guide for parents who are imperfect and proud to be!

Into Wine

21 November 2013 English translation available Rights sold: Taiwan (Cube Press)

An invitation to enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures: drinking!

What if wine was not so complicated? Olivier Magny invites us to rediscover wine with humour and a breath of fresh air; and shares his expertise in order to show us that treating yourself to pleasure is not only easy, but absolutely necessary. • Olivier Magny is to wine what Jamie Oliver is to food! • A book full of optimism and practical solutions to boost your health, bring happiness and joy.

“A pleasant and instructive read.” Le Monde

Smile, You Are Parenting a Teenager! 12 April 2012 Rights sold: Russia (Sindbad)

How do you define the parent of a teenager? 36

Olivier Magny founded hiw own wine-tasting company that has taught French wine to 50,000 people. A native Parisian himself, he lives part-time in the United States. When he is in Paris, you could easily find him in his wine bar, Ô Chateau located 68 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau. 37



STÉPHANE LOIGNON, ANNE DE MALERAY, FABIEN BENOIT, CÉCILE COILETTE The authors are all contributors to the trendy magazine Usbek & Rica, a publication that aims understanding the things in our present day that contain the seeds of tomorrow.

JADDO Through the blog, Jaddo uses a pseudonym to comment on the joys, sorrows, the flaws and the beauty of the profession.

Just After Bear Taming


6 October 2011

4 October 2012

Confessions of a suburbian GP.

We are all “old” to someone.

Funny and full of emotion, these intimacies downplay the doctor / patient relationship.

Over 45,000 copies sold Rights sold: Germany (Ullstein)

A collection of small books that address various subjects in order to describe, explain and play down the importance of phenomena that some have difficulty understanding, or that they distrust a priori.

“The series aims at bridging the generation gap." Elle

“A good way to explain that the term “old” does not mean anything anymore.” Télérama

Titles availables: Facebook Lady Gaga Violence Loneliness Video Games Vintage Renewable Energy

JEAN-MICHEL ESPITALLIER Jean-Michel Espitallier is a writer, poet and musician.


2 February 2012

CÉDRIC DASSAS Cédric Dassas is 36 and lives in Rouen where he works as an Emergency Doctor. He also sometimes leaves on humanitarian missions with the NGO Doctors without Borders.

Rare or Medium? 15 November 2012

Raw and not fictionalized stories of an emergency doctor. “Our job isn’t easy, we are paid peanuts, but we have fun doing it!” If you liked this topic, you will like

Caustic or moving, we laugh – forced sometimes – at this new spectacle of the “show biz” society, in which we have become actors (accomplices), more or less voluntarily.

Valérie Agha, Didier Lestrade and Gilles Pialoux

“A little book that is both pop and incisive which illustrates the paradoxes of celebrity at any cost.” Les Inrockuptibles

“Aphorisms and questions, lists, analysis and miscellany all nicely fit in this work that refuses didacticism and stimulates the thought process.” Télérama







14 condensed titles finally available at Pocket 70 titles available at Éditions Plon

Le Nouvel Économiste and a teacher. He also leads a seminar at the Science-Po University in Paris. As early as 2001, he invented the terminology “consum’actor”, which is now commonly used.

Over 1 million copies sold The “Dictionaries of Passions” compile wanderings by those fervent about their favorite subject in the form of alphabetically ordered articles. These works are not intended to be encyclopedic, but rather subjective essays (hence the term “passion”). Thirteen years later, these reference works have been reinvented in a more compact format at Pocket under the name of “Little Dictionary of Passions”. The best known in their field have contributed to this collection, published at Éditions Plon since 2000, which is gathering nearly 70 titles: Max Gallo and Claude Allègre of the Academy of Sciences, Frédéric Vitoux from the Académie Française, Christian Millau, co-founder of the Gault-Millau culinary guides, Bernard Pivot and Didier Decoin of the Académie Goncourt and other stars.

“Spirit, humor, modesty (…) inimitable style, lively and spicy, rebellious.” Liberation

“[Claude Allegre]’s portraiture, demonstrates, amazes. Long live Science! “ L’Express

“We go back through History as if perusing a menu, with anticipation.” Paris Match

“His France is heroic and resistant. More than his past, it is his legend that is brought back to life. This book is a declaration of love.” Paris Match

Titles availables: Gastronomy Science History of France Rock Trains Napoleon Judaism


India Catholicism Cats Spain France Sky and stars Venice

Thierry Maillet is a marketing consultant, a columnist at

Marketing and its History 2 september 2010

The eternal search for the ideal consumer.

The book’s objective is to describe the advances in marketing by demonstrating how the frontrunners in the field have always attempted to adapt to society’s expectations.

ALEXANDRA MIDAL Alexandra Midal is a design historian and theoretician. She has diplomas from both the Sorbonne and Princeton University School of Architecture. She used to be an assistant to Dan Graham. She is now a professor at the Geneva University of Art and Design.


5 November 2009

An Introduction to the History of a Discipline.

Based on an absolute belief in an object’s power to permanently transform and improve the world we live in, the author demonstrates the ways in which design has proposed to reform political, social and artistic circles and how it has, in certain cases, become a genuine political tool.






Eryck de Rubercy was born in 1951. He is an essayist,

Former student of the École Normale Supérieure, Jean-Michel Maulpoix teaches modern poetry at the University of Paris X-Nanterre. He has written poetic works and critical studies, as well as general essays on poetry.

literary critic and translator of German writers and poets.

The Wagner Controversy

Four Paths: Wanderings through French Poetry

1st June 2011

A series of reviews on Wagner and his work.

On 13 March 1861 the composer presented a French version of Tannhäuser called “The Paris Version”. Wagner himself cancelled the performance after only the third representation. In addition to laudatory and incendiary reviews we can find in this book a review that Wagner himself wrote about Tannhäuser in Paris.

30 May 2013

Saint-John Perse, Henri Michaux, Francis Ponge and René Char are four of the most influential poets of the XXth century. Each in their own manner, they reflect the diversity of approaches and forms that are characteristic of contemporary poetry projects. Each of these works opens up its own horizon into the world of contemporary French poetry.

• Jean-Michel

Maulpoix is an acclaimed poet himself and one of the foremost authorities in his field.

JEAN-PHILIPPE DOMECQ A New Introduction to the Art of the 20th Century 1st June 2011

A key reflection on the history of art, its criteria and its wanderings.

FABRICE MIDAL Painter, editor and poet, PhD in Philosophy, Fabrice Midal teaches at the University of Paris VIII.

Why Poetry? 7 October 2010

The Heritage of Orpheus. What if we knew nothing about poetry? “Poetic” today is often associated with incidental, beautiful or even soppy. Poetry, however, allows one to look upon words, the world, even existence from a completely different perspective, and it is the poets who guard the harmony between man and his environment. Through the exploration of poetry’s founding myth, Fabrice Midal shows us how to listen to and read a poem.

• Quotations from poets from all ages and from all continents.

If you liked this author, you will like Understanding Modern Art by Fabrice Midal 42




INTRODUCTION TO GREAT THINKERS Titles availables Gilles Deleuze Claude Levi-Strauss Jean-Paul Sartre

Jacques Derrida Pierre Bourdieu Martin Buber Jean Malaurie

A very clear overall picture of key concepts by great thinkers from the second half of the 20th century

These guides mainly target students willing to adapt, thanks to one single volume, to the essential points of authors that may be difficult to grasp. These titles have been written by a new generation of specialists.

CHRISTOPHE BOURSEILLER The False Messiahs 25 September 2014

The portrait of 180 false Messiahs among which Raël, Inri Christo, Shoko Asahara, Yahweh ben Yahweh, Marina Tsvigun, from 1 AD until the beginning of the XXI century.

JEAN-PHILIPPE DOMECQ Jean-Philippe Domecq is a novelist and an essayist.

What Speed Tells Us 26 September 2013

FRANÇOIS FÉDIER Student of Jean Beaufret as early as 1955, François Fédier translated Martin Heidegger’s texts. He was a philosophy professor and has also translated the poetry of Friedrich Holderlin.

Time and the World From Heidegger to Aristotle 2 September 2010

Loosely supported by the unedited texts of Martin Heidegger, the classes regrouped in this book offer a gateway to several major philosophical texts.

Reading Plato 1st December 2011

Formula One is the most watched sport on the planet, almost on par with football. Highly technical, entrusted to a few demigods who are the drivers, these modern chariot races fascinate and reflect our image as a society that is more and more dependent on the technology. The Grand Prix, circuits, drivers write yet another page about the sociology of the second half of the XXth century.

FRANÇOISE SIMPÈRE Françoise Simpère is a journalist and a writer. She has published 13 books, among

which the bestseller Des désirs et des hommes.

The Art and Etiquette of Polyamory 20 May 2009

A remarkable gateway into Plato’s thinking.

Also available

DOMINIQUE SAATDJIAN Philosophy professor in France and abroad and author of articles and essays, Dominique

Saatdjian lives and works between Paris and Rome.

Essential Texts of Charles Péguy 6 October 2011

Selected excerpts that introduce the essential subject matters of Charles Péguy.


Rights sold: US (Skyhorse Publishing) This book is not a pamphlet about libertinage or the open couple like in the 70’s, but the testimony of a complete change in our vision of love. Also available

JULIETTE GRANGE Juliette Grange, Ph.D, is a Professor at the University of Nancy.

For a Philosophy of Ecology 2 september 2010

This book offers to integrate the ecological dimension into modern political philosophy and into the political regulation of the economy. 45





Born in 1956, Jean-Louis Fetjaine has diplomas in Philosophy and Medieval History. Journalist and editor since 1985, he has written numerous works. With the success of his trilogy, Jean-Louis Fetjaine has quickly imposed himself as one of the main representatives of French Fantastic Fiction.

Former high-level handballer, Michel Robert is now a journalist and a writer who collaborated with Pierre Grimbert on the “Malerune” series.


Over 100,000 copies sold

13 February 2014

Thanks to Merlin, Arthur has reclaimed his father’s throne and marries Guinevere, the daughter of King Leo of Great Carmelide. But Merlin soon discovers that she is a demon, a White Lady harbinger of great disasters.

THE ELF CHRONICLES Rights sold: Portugal (Europa America), Russia (Hemiro) A prequel to “The Trilogy of the Elves”.

“An efficient style capable of recapturing the magic and passion of ancient times.” Le Monde “And what if Fetjaine had invented political fantasy?” Le Magazine littéraire


Cellendhyll of Cortavar used to be trained to serve the Empire of Light. Left for dead by his former friends, he was rescued and cured by Lord Morion of Chaos. 10 years later, Cellendhyll has become a pitiless mercenary for the Forces of Chaos and is entrusted with a mission that could satisfy his desire for revenge.

• Cellendhyll of Cortavar, the Angel of

Chaos is a tough and nearly invicible warrior. Between Chaos and Light, he will cross the paths of friends, ennemies, lovers. Duels, revenge and a lot of sex, we bet you’ll want more! • A fantasy series colored with violence, eroticism, and dark humour. • 8 volumes available + 1 Stand Alone.

”[...] short, condensed and concise chapters [...] simple, precise and plain turn of phrase.” ActuSF


Also available:

German bombardments punctuated Michael Moorcock’s childhood which may explain his somber and apocalyptic vision of the world. He has been the king of heroic fantasy ever since the first "Elric" appeared in 1961.

Fabrice Colin has written over thirty novels for both adults and teenagers. Awarded on many occasions, his works include comic book scenarios as well as radio plays.

Soul Drinkers 19 May 2011

This episode takes place after the fall of Melniboné, more precisely between “While the Gods Laugh” and “The Singing Citadel” in The Weird of the White Wolf. 46



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