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3D : •3D Studio Max (Final Render, Mental Ray et Vray). • Z-Brush. • Mudbox. • Maya. 2D : • Traditional medias. • Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator,.
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David Ventura Montréal, QC

Canadian citizen since November 2015

Web: http://www.venturadf.com


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E-mail: [email protected]


Phone: 514-688-6822

Freelance graphic designer and illustrator for almost 7 years, I learned to manage and overcome every constraint of a given project from the initial idea to the final stage (deadlines, communication with clients, technical difficulties and issues, etc.). Today, as a 3D artist with almost 10 years in such different fields as 3D animated productions, advertising and architecture, I have experimented all areas of this art (texturing, lighting and rendering, rigging, skinning and animation, particles, hair and special effects as well as compositing and video editing) my specialty remaining HD modeling. Open-minded, creative, curious and enthusiastic, I like to share knowledge and teamworking. This is the reason why I would like to join a creative and dynamic studio to discover new work horizons.

• Skills 3D :

2D :

Video :

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• education 3D Studio Max (Final Render, Mental Ray et Vray). Z-Brush Mudbox Maya (Arnold) Mari

• Traditional medias • Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Dreamweaver, Flash, Acrobat. • Adobe Creative Suite - After-Fx, Flash, Première.

Others : • Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, powerpoint, Outlook, etc.) • basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Action Script languages • Windows and Mac OS environment


Baccalauréat (High school graduation) Arts with visual arts and theater (France)


DEUG (Undergrade Studies) - Cinema (Final exam not complete) (France)

June/J 1998

u l y


Internship (Desktop publishing: DTP) at PECLERS - PARIS (France) Model Drawing lessons (courses of the city of Paris- France)

A p r i l / M a y Internship (DTP and graphic design) 1999 at PECLERS - PARIS (France) October 2001

3D studio Max training course (45 hours) (courses of the city of Paris- France)

February 2018

Maya training course (35 hours) (École NAD - Montreal)

• languages French: Written / Spoken: native language

English: Written / Spoken: intermediary level, working to improve it

• Professional experience Since August 2015 3D Artist - self-employed Main client : GH+A (retail design) - Montreal March 2011 to December 2011 3D Artist - ASILE-PARIS (www.asile-paris.com) • Creation of CGI elements to be integrated in photography or full CGI scenes (Photorealistic and very high resolution) for advertising and fine art photos. Main clients: Rowenta, Orange, Disneyland Paris, Renault, M6, Microsoft (Kinect-XBox), Amnesty international. • Co-Technical and R&D manager of the studio (team of 6 people) : pipeline, hardware, software and network management (backup, render farm, etc). March 2010 to March 2011 3D Artist - TRANCHANT GAMING TECHNOLOGY / T3D • Creation of several CGI 3D advertising animations (modeling, texturing, rendering, compositing and video editing) mainly for the Alioscopy’s auto-stereoscopic display system. (www.alioscopy.com) Main clients: HP, Vinci, Thomson, Banque cantonale de Genève, Natural-Lecoultre. • Creation of a short CGI 3D film for Clamens enterprise (design, modeling, texturing, animation and rendering), for diffusion on the Alioscopy’s auto-stereoscopic display system. David Ventura

3 D


A r t i s t

June 2005 to November 2008 3D Artist/Graphic designer - TRANCHANT GAMING TECHNOLOGY / T3D (Groupe Tranchant) • Making of 2 short CGI movies (10 minutes each) for a 0° emispheric screen for the casino of Pougue les Eaux (modeling, texturing and rendering) • Research and design for a CGI animated series, in partnership with Rouge Citron Production: - Character design contribution - Modeling (Character and environnement) - R&D (production workflow, Hair and fur) - Technical and financial researches and preconizations for the creation of a 40 peoples animation studio • Creation of several CGI 3D animations (modeling, texturing, rendering, FX, compositing and video editing) for and with Alioscopy (www.alioscopy.com); inventor of a relief viewing system without glasses on LCD or plasma display and posters. • Design of architectural scenes (modeling, texturing and rendering) for the presentation of the Gran-Scala project, in Spain (for ILD) • Technical and R&D director the graphic studio (8 people team); hardware, software and network administration (Back-Up, Renderfarm, etc.) • Design and realization of plans for various games tables (roulette, half-automatique roulette, poker, black-jack) for CARO developpement • Flash animations for slot machines and realization of an interactiv CD-ROM (TGT and CARO developpement catalogs) • DTP execution and design (advertising, catalogs, invitation, etc.) 1999 / 2005 Freelance Graphic designer and Illustrator, affiliated member of «la Maison des Artistes» (France) Main clients: PECLERS-PARIS (styling agency), PROMOSTYL (styling agency), JET-LAG K. (event and scenecraft), CHATTAWAK (woman and childs fashion), LES ARTS MYSTERIEUX Productions Ltd (films production company), LOMA-NASHA (films production company), LA CHAMBRE FROIDE: (music association / independant label) September 2002 to September 2003 Graphic Designer/Layout Artist - A.O.C.D.T.F. (ASSOCIATION OUVRIÈRE DES COMPAGNONS DU TOUR DE FRANCE ) • DTP : - Creation and technical management of the monthly newspaper of the association - Recruitment advertising in several newspapers and magazine - Creation of posters for internal and external use to the association • Design and realization of an interactiv CD-Rom presenting the association (Flash). • Makeover of the graphic standard and technical update of the website.

• other Professional experience August 2013 to September 2014 Career and training assistant - RÉSEAU DES INGÉNIEURS DU QUÉBEC (replacement of parental leave) • Coordination of training sessions, management of the whole logistic under the supervision of the department director and the senior advisor - continuing education (preparation of course manuals and teaching material, communication with the speakers, students and suppliers, reservation and preparation of the classrooms, course opening logistics, etc.) • Reports and statistics of different training sessions • Proofreading and on-line publishing of carrer job advertisements on the website • Customer service (continuing education and career department) December 2012 to August 2013 Office clerk - ADECCO • L’Oréal :

- Mailings - Miscellaneous administrative tasks (mail management, update and data entry, etc.).

• Réseau des ingénieurs du Québec : Transfer and adaptation of course presentations between 2 graphic standards (Power Point).

References available upon request

David Ventura

3 D


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