VOCABULAIRE : liver = foie, transplant = transplantation, nation•wide = dans le pays entier, appeal = appel, relief = soulagement, surgery = chirurgie ou ...
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I – COMPETENCES LIGUISTIQUES 1. Complétez les phrases suivantes avec le pronom interrogatif qui convient. 2 Pts 1) 2) 3) 4)

__________ is your favourite football player? (Zidane) __________ did you watch on TV last night? (a football match) __________ will you go for the holidays ? (Canada) __________ did you pay for your car? (£ 20.000)

2. Ecrivez les chiffres, dates suivants en toutes lettres. 2 pts 1) 2) 3) 4)

44 : ______________________________________________________________ 843 : _____________________________________________________________ 1995 : ____________________________________________________________ £ 795 : ____________________________________________________________ 3. Transformez les phrases suivantes à la forme interrogative. 2 pts 1. She works in a bank. 2. They went to New York last summer.

4. Transformez les phrases suivantes à la forme négative. 2 pts 1) They played football last week. 2) She will phone her brother tomorrow.

II – COMPREHENSION TEXTE OUR TRANSPLANT GIRL IS A LITTLE FIGHTER The parents of a seven•month•old girl who had a liver transplant following a nation•wide appeal for a donor, spoke yesterday of their relief that she was responding well to surgery. Hannah Parkins, whose own liver had been failing, had been given days to live before her six hour operation on Friday night at the Diana, Princess of Wales Children's Hospital in Birmingham. Thanking the donor family, Hannah's mother, Gillian Parkins, 30, from Hyde, Greater Manchester, said: "We're very, very grateful to them in what must be a very difficult and traumatic time. Hannah is looking well and is responding." The baby's father, Steven, 34, a medical technician, was cautiously optimistic, saying she still had a way to go. "She's a fighter," he said. She's only a little thing but she's very strong. "We've been very fortunate. We've had all these people to help us. But it'll be couple of weeks before we can really relax." The Parkins were speaking at the start of National Transplant Awareness Week. Jean de Ville de Goyet, the Belgian surgeon who headed the transplant team, said: "There have been no major complications. It's working nicely. When it starts that way, there's lot of hope."

Tuesday, July 18, 2000. Adapted from The Daily Telegraph VOCABULAIRE : liver = foie, transplant = transplantation, nation•wide = dans le pays entier, appeal = appel, relief = soulagement, surgery = chirurgie ou opération, failing = déficient, grateful = reconnaissant, traumatic = traumatisant, fortunate = chanceux, to head = diriger, hope = espoir 5. Répondez aux questions en faisant des phrases correctes. 6 pts 1) What is the name of the little girl? 2) How old was she when she had surgery? 3) In what city did the surgery take place? 4) When did she have surgery? (DAY AND DATE) 5) What is the name of her father? 6) What is the nationality of the doctor?

6. Posez les questions portent sur le ou les mots en gras. 2 pts 1) The National Transplant Awareness Week started on the 1st of July. 2) The operation lasted six hours.

7. Faites un résumé du texte en quatre phrases dont trois seront complexes. 4 pts