18 mai 2018 - LUNCH / DÎNER. Dean's Conference Room (Room 519). Session 5: Neurology II. McIntyre 521 (Meakins). Session 6: Knowledge Translation.
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20th Research Colloquium in Rehabilitation / 20e Colloque de recherche en réadaptation McIntyre Medical Building, McGill University, May 18, 2018 / 18 mai 2018 8:15 8:45

Registration / Inscription: McIntyre Medical Building (5th Floor), McGill University Welcoming address / Mot de bienvenue Keynote Presentation / Présentation spéciale


Dana Anaby, PhD, OT: A central concept to healthy living and wellness Session 1: Occupational Therapy McIntyre 521 (Meakins)

9:50 10:05 10:20 10:35 10:50 11:05


Tokiko Hamasaki: Efficacy of rehabilitative interventions for trapeziometacarpal (thumb base) osteoarthritis: A systematic review. Susanne Mak: Professional identity and its development: A scoping review of the rehabilitation professions. Marie-Eve Bolduc: Long lasting motor impairments in children with congenital heart defect: A systematic review. Louis Auger: Implementation of a systematic screening test in rehabilitation of sexual dysfunction after stroke: A qualitative study. Samar Muslemani: Ménage à trois: Ergothérapie, sexualité et maladies neuromusculaires. Jiameng Xu: Ambiguity of a caring stance: Persons with lived experience of mental illness and their family members search for the “best place”.


Annie Puliot-Laforte: Déterminants cinématiques de la vitesse de marche chez des enfants avec une paralysie cérébrale. Gianluca Sorrento: The effects of a robotic haptic leash compared to an instrumented cane on gait kinematics in an elder post-stroke population.


12:20 12:35

Wagner De Souza Silva: Phone messages affect the circumvention of pedestrians in healthy young and elderly individuals walking in a virtual environment. Marco Buhler: Avoiding static and moving pedestrians in physical and virtual environments. Laurence Fruteau de Laclos: Interventions d’exercice physique pour limiter les pertes fonctionnelles des aînés en communauté suite à une blessure mineure. Le Yu Liu: Real-time avatar-based feedback to enhance gait symmetry after stroke: instantaneous effects of different avatar views. Daniela Chan-Viquez: Locomotor skills acquisition and referent body configuration in typically-developing children.

HEALTH BREAK / PAUSE SANTÉ McIntyre 519 Session 3: Neurology I McIntyre 521 (Meakins)


McIntyre 521 (Meakins) Session 2: Posture & Locomotion I McIntyre 206/207

Renaud Jeffrey-Gauthier: Impact de l'inflammation des muscles lombaires sur la récupération locomotrice après une lésion médullaire complète chez la souris. Alexandra Potvin-Desrochers: Changes in brain functional connectivity in Parkinson's Disease patients with freezing of gait. Pier-Luc Champagne: Stimulation non invasive du cerveau et traumatisme crânio-cérébral sévère (TCCs): étude de cas.

Session 4: Musculoskeletal McIntyre 206/207 Codie Primeau: Cost-effectiveness of a locking versus non-locking plate in medial opening wedge high tibial osteotomy: The importance of costing perspective. Arthur Woznowski-Vu: Brief physical tasks evoke changes in pain intensity and pain threshold for people with low back pain. Sharleen Gomes: Consequences of total hip arthroplasty surgical approach on muscle and joint function during gait. Harvi Hart: Is step rate associated with worsening of patellofemoral and tibiofemoral joint osteoarthritis in women and men: The MOST study. Félix Croteau: Scoping review of water polo injuries and mechanisms of injury.


LUNCH / DÎNER Dean’s Conference Room (Room 519)

Session 5: Neurology II McIntyre 521 (Meakins)

13:45 14:00 14:15

14:30 14:45

Carla Centeno: Changes in cortico-spinal excitability explain age-related differences in motor memory consolidation. Dillon Richards: The effects of sub-concussive impacts on university hockey players. Kristie Liu: Are headforms a poor surrogate for hockey helmet fit?

Hananeh Younesian: A comparison of surface and needle electromyography in type-II diabetic patients with and without peripheral neuropathy. Anne Deblock-Bellamy: Elbow position sense quantification using robotics in patients with stroke and healthy controls: Preliminary results.

Session 7: Potpourri McIntyre 521 (Meakins)

15:05 15:20


Atul Jaiswal: Deafblindness or dual sensory loss: Worldwide prevalence, heterogeneity, and its implications for rehabilitation science. Reshma Nuri: What is known about the relationship between family supports and family/child related outcomes in low and middleincome countries?

Session 6: Knowledge Translation McIntyre 206/207 Galaad Lefay: Vers l’élaboration d’espaces habilitants, le nécessaire besoin d’une définition conceptuelle. Dina Gaid: How human agents can be best employed in rehabilitation: Realist review. David Anekwe: Early mobilization and neuromuscular electrical stimulation to reduce intensive care unitacquired weakness: A systematic review and metaanalysis. Muhammed Shahriar Zaman: Validating a communication program for people with Parkinson's disease for improving access to healthcare. Shikha Gupta: Heterogeneity and its impact on rehabilitation outcomes and interventions for community reintegration in people with spinal cord injuries.

Session 8: Posture & Locomotion II McIntyre 206/207 Patrick Ippersiel: Movement variability in chronic low back pain during a functional task. Rehab Alhasani: Mobility measures among individuals with acquired brain injury (ABI): A protocol for systematic review.

HEALTH BREAK / PAUSE SANTÉ McIntyre 519 Shirley Metcalfe Memorial Lectureship / Présentation spéciale ‘Shirley Metcalfe’


Lise Gauvin, PhD, FCAHS: Challenges and opportunities of engaging in interdisciplinary research in rehabilitation: Lessons learned from public health McIntyre 521 (Meakins)


Awards Ceremony / Cérémonie de remise des prix McIntyre 521 (Meakins)

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