2017 July 8-9 DSG 8th Grade Boys Division

8 juil. 2017 - Page 1. Dicks Sporting Goods. Youth Tournament Series. GENDER/GRADE. 8th Grade Boys. KC Runnin Rebels. Game 1. SMW Aux B.
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Dicks Sporting Goods Youth Tournament Series GENDER/GRADE

8th Grade Boys KC Runnin Rebels Game 1 SMW Aux B Sat 3pm Loser Game 1

Winner Game 1 The Process

Winner Game 7

Game 7 SMW Aux B Sun 9am

Loser Game 2 Game 10 SMW Aux B Sun 1pm

KC Blackout Game 2 SMW Aux B Sat 4pm

Game 5 SMW Aux A Sun 2pm

Winner Game 2 Game 12 SMW Aux A Sun 5pm

KAN Do Hoops

5th Place

Winner Game 5

Team Webb


Game 3 SMW Aux B Sat 5pm Loser Game 3

Winner Game 3 The Machine

Winner Game 8

Game 8 SMW Aux B Sun 10am

Loser Game 4

Kansas Gaucho's Game 4 SMW Aux B Sat 6pm

Game 6 SMW Aux A Sun 3pm

Winner Game 6

Winner Game 4

GABL Elite

7th Place

Loser Game 7

Loser Game 5

Game 9 SMW Aux B Sun 2pm

Game 11 SMW Aux B Sun 5pm

Loser Game 8

Loser Game 6

SM West HS, 8800 W. 85th St.

Team listed on TOP line for each game is the HOME team.

3rd Place