Participation : The competitors must be registered with the realising organization (COCM) trough their national federation. The team- leaders will have to give to ...
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12th WORLDCHAMPIONSHIP SECTION C Organization : Naviga , World Organization for Modelshipbuilding and Modelshipsport. National Federation: FFMN – Fédération de France de Modélisme Naval Realising organization: COCM Châteaulin 2004 . Rocade Prat Bihan . ZI de Coatigrac’h 29150 Châteaulin – France tel : 02 98 86 27 43 et 06 83 39 42 05 http://ama.modelisme.free.fr/kast2004 e-mail : [email protected] Dates of event : 3rd of July (opening ceremony) - 11th of July (closing ceremony) . Place of event: espace Coatigrac’h 29150- Châteaulin . FRANCE ( map inclosed) Event rules: Naviga Rules 2000 for Section C. Model categories: C1, C2, C3 a b c d, C4 a b c d, C5, C6 a b, C7 a b . Participation : The competitors must be registered with the realising organization (COCM) trough their national federation. The team- leaders will have to give to the realising organization at the time of registration , a specimen of their National Anthem on CD and 3 flags of following size : 150 * 100 cm . EVERY MODEL WILL HAVE TO REMAIN EXPOSED ON THE TABLES UNTIL THE CLOSING CEREMONY. THE TABLES WILL BE PROTECTED FROM THE PUBLIC. A NIGHT WATCH OF THE EXHIBIT WILL BE ORGANIZED; Measurement certificate: The competitors must possess a technical certificate for each of their models, correctly filled in and validated by their national technical director. Dead line: 3rd of March 2004. Any incomplete form will be sent back. PPPaaagggeee 111 ooonnn 333

Registration confirmation :Each federation will receive a confirmation mail after the registration closure. ( 3rd of March). Arrival /registration : Espace Coatigrac’h 2nd of July from 9 am to 12.30 and from 2pm to 6. 30. 3rd of July from 9am to 11am. Departure fee :

seniors 15 euros per model juniors 10 euros per model

The departure fees must be transferred before the registration closure ( 3rd of March) to the following bank account: Crédit Agricole, 13 Quai Jean Moulin, 29150 CHATEAULIN De l’international, IBAN : FR76 1290 6000 1567 5602 7000 145 NOTA : The credit transfers will be made out in euros. The cost of transfer has to be paid by the sender. The federations , not having bank account will use money orders. The cost of sending will be paid by the sender.

Claim fee: 10 euros . Medals :according to the Naviga rules 1999. Each of the contestants will receive a diploma during the closing ceremony. Vacation rentals and visiting opportunities: see the attached documents. THE COCM WILL NOT TAKE ANY ACCOMODATION RENTAL IN CHARGE . Banquet and lunches on location : the reservations for the banquet and the lunches will have to be send to the COCM at the same time as the entry forms, and the amount will have to be paid at this moment. Sandwiches will be available for sale on location from the 3rd to the 11th of July. Excursion: see on location. PPPaaagggeee 222 ooonnn 333


Arrival / registration : Espace Coatigrac’h the 2nd and the 3rd of July. . Closure: 3rd of July at 11am. Opening ceremony: 3rd of July at 2pm . Meeting in the Town Hall of Châteaulin , quai Jean Moulin at 1.45pm The ceremony will continue with a parade leading to Espace Coatigrac’h, where a friendly reception will take place. Evaluation : 4, 5, 6,8,9 et 10 from 9am. Briefing between the judges and the team-leaders 8.30am . Banquet : on the 6th of July at 8pm. Rest day and excursion : 7th of July. Results and medals : during the championship, according to the advance of the evaluation. . Closing ceremony and diplomas hand-out: the 11th of July at 10am. , espace Coatigrac’h. Packing of the models: on the 11th of July from12 o’clock. This document and the entry form are available for download on our website

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